Spotify Review: Is It the Best Music Streaming Service?

Is Spotify the best music streaming service available today? To answer that question, we will do a Spotify review.

With Spotify, you can play your favorite songs, make playlists, and follow your favorite music artists. You also make your music library where you can organize your favorite songs, albums, podcasts, videos, and playlists.

Through the Spotify player, you can stream songs and playlists on your desktop or laptop, tablets, and mobile phones such as Android, iPhone or Windows phones. Plus, you get to access more than 35 million songs and also a million playlists, radio stations, and podcasts.

The Rise Of Music Streaming Services

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Nowadays, music streaming services are so popular that almost everyone is using it. Music serves many purposes in our lives. Listening to positive types of music has been shown to be good for the brain. It can improve mood, boost overall health, and increase productivity.

But with millions of songs available, how do you choose the best songs or playlists to play? There is no one solution to that question. However, one answer is music streaming services, which generally make it easier for people to find and listen to songs. Plus, you can create your own playlist that contains songs which you love to hear.

Among the music streaming services such as Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music, Spotify comes out on top. Not convinced yet?  Here is a Spotify review from TechRadar,  “Spotify is our favorite music streaming service by a mile and it keeps getting better.” So why is it the best music streaming service? Let’s do a Spotify review.

Why Spotify Is the Best Music Streaming Service: A Spotify Review

Spotify is made for both music lovers and music artists. The app makes it easy for you to stream and listen to music from your favorite artists anytime, anywhere. Plus, Spotify is also one of, if not the most, user-friendly music streaming services. It is also effortless to navigate. When you open Spotify, you have a gigantic list of artists, songs, and playlists. You can then opt to make your personalized playlist with different albums, songs, and playlists.

Spotify also features tons of playlists to choose from based on themes, mood or genre. You can see thousands of playlists such as Mood Booster, Confidence Booster, Soul Coffeehouse and more. You can choose a playlist on Spotify that will suit your mood.

In TechRadar’s Spotify review, the Spotify app changes their suggested songs and playlists based on your streamed songs.

It is also packed with tons of features. It is just consistent with their brand of being the best music streaming service.

No Spotify review would be complete without looking at the playlist options they offer.

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Features of Spotify

Spotify rolled out tons of promotional features for music artists, such as official artist’s page tags, linking to their official social media accounts, Artist’s Pick, and concert tag.

One of the latest updates that Spotify made on their app is the promotional feature for music artists.

Official artist’s page tag

To make it easy to see the official Spotify page for music artists, Spotify added the blue ticks or tags which mark an artist’s official page.

Posting of artist’s official social media accounts

According to a Spotify review from Hackernoon, artists can now add up to 125 images to their gallery as well as link their official social media accounts to the app. With this, you can now quickly like and share music videos, as well as pictures and posts of your favorite artists from their social media accounts.

Music artists can also quickly create a playlist for their page. This will also increase the visibility and streams of the artist’s music.

Artist’s Pick

Through Artist’s Pick, artists can also plug other artists that they follow.

Concert Tag

Lastly, fans or followers can now get updates for upcoming tour dates and gigs for your favorite music artists through the “concert tag” which is also supported with Songkick.

Next. We’ll discuss the different players and plans of Spotify.

Spotify Web Player

More and more Spotify reviews have been piled up for Spotify’s web player.

Another great feature of Spotify is that you can both play it on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, iPhones, and Android phones.

If you are using your desktop or laptop, you can use the Spotify Web Player which lets you stream music online. It lets you access your saved playlist on your computer. It gives you the freedom to access your songs wherever you are and while even on the go. Additionally, if your phone has little or no free storage space, you can opt to use the Spotify Web Player instead of downloading the Spotify app.

Do you get annoyed by ads interrupting your favorite songs? If yes, the Spotify Web Player lets you block ads with an ad block extension on your browser so that you can enjoy the music with no interruption. Another cool feature you can use with Spotify web player is the Hotkey add-on tool that you can use with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Do you have a WordPress website? If you do, you can also embed the Spotify web player on your site and stream music from there. You can add Spotify to your website by just easily installing a WordPress plug-in.

And if you have tons of playlists, a Spotify review made from MakeUseOf suggests that you can bookmark your favorite playlists in Chrome using the Spotify Web Player.

As covered in this Spotify review, the service offeres updates to fix bugs and improve the user experience.

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Spotify Free

Spotify Free version allows you to stream music with a sound quality of up to 128 KBPS. However, offline streaming or downloading of songs is not possible with the free version.

With the Spotify Free, some ads pop up when you stream music. If you don’t like interruptions, you can opt to use the Spotify Web Player to block the ads instead using the ad-blocker extension.

When before you are limited to artists that you liked, Spotify’s free account lets you hand-pick 15 playlists with up to 750 songs. Although, these songs can neither be downloaded nor played offline. There are still advertisements that cut through your songs. Other than that, you get a pretty awesome deal with Spotify Free.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is their paid subscription service where you can stream music playlists offline anytime, anywhere. It starts with a monthly subscription of $9.99.

The Spotify Premium lets you download up to 3,333 songs for your offline playback.

Through Spotify connect, you can access and play these downloaded songs on up to three (3) devices.

With Spotify’s Extreme mode, you get to listen to your favorite songs on up to 320 KBPS sound quality which offers more bass and the studio quality version.

For those who like to listen to music while running or in the gym, Spotify has a Running Playlist. If you need more information on how to do this, you can check Nike + Run Club as well as Runkeeper.

Spotify Student Premium

For students, Spotify’s library and playlists are worth it for a monthly subscription of $4.99. You get to have the same benefits as the Premium users have for a discounted price. Plus, you get a subscription to Hulu.

Take note, for you to get the Student Premium, you have to provide information to verify you are a student. Spotify may ask you to re-verify your student subscription as well through email and app notification. Go through the verification process to avoid losing your subscription with Hulu and your Spotify Student Premium from reverting to a regular premium account.

Spotify Premium For Family

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You and your family can opt for a Spotify Family account which lets up to six (6) users access Spotify at the same time on the same address. Now, your family can enjoy Spotify Premium with Spotify Family account. Plus, each connected Spotify account can be personalized, curated and customized.

You can also save with a Spotify Family account with a subscription cost of just $14.99 per month. With this account, each user only gets to pay around $2.50 a month. As you can see, a single subscription for Spotify costs around $9.99 per month. That means the six (6) users connected to the account saves a total of $44.95 per month, which is overall a good deal.

But like the student subscription, each member in the account will be asked to verify if they are living on the same address to be allowed access of the Spotify family account. Users who cannot confirm the account will be removed from the plan.

Spotify Download

Here are the ways on how you can download Spotify.

For desktop computers and laptops, you can use the Spotify Web Player online.

Meanwhile, for mobile phones, you can download the Spotify app. For iPhones, you can download Spotify in the Apple Store. While for Android, you can search and download the app in the Google Play Store.

When you open the Spotify app or site, you can sign up or log in using your email or Facebook account.

Is Spotify gonna be your favorite music streaming service? Tell us what you think, below, and comment on this Spotify review.

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