Top 6 Prank Calling App Options for a Few Laughs

Life can get pretty boring from time to time. What you can do when you want to spice things up a bit is to download a prank calling app. Prank calling app products are mobile phone applications that can trick your friends in one way or another.

Most prank applications can change your voice or your phone number. Some of them can send prank SMS messages and perform a variety of other prank tasks. The following are seven of the top applications that you can use if you truly want to prank your friends. You’ll love them and you’ll get quite a few laughs with your friends.

Prank Calling App – Pick Your Favorite

1. Voice Changer

The Voice Changer prank calling app is a Google Play favorite that has been around almost as long as Android has been around. It offers more than 10 alternative voices and some fake environmental sounds. Some of the most common voices that you can use are:

  • Alien
  • Chipmunk
  • Helium
  • Psycho
  • Bee

The environment effects include effects such as:

  • Disco
  • Bathroom
  • War sounds
  • Police siren
  • Rain

Users have rated the prank calling app with 3.9 stars out of five stars on the Google platform. The ones who loved it loved it for the variety in the voice. The ones who didn’t love it so much felt the way they did because of the ads. The application is free, so you will have the opportunity to get your hands on something free.

2. Prank Call and Prank SMS

The Prank Call and Prank SMS app is a step above the other prank calling app products and has an overall rating of 4.2 points. Millions of people have downloaded the prank calling app and had their fun with it. The coolest thing about this particular application is that it sends fake SMS as well as prank calls.

Users may have to be careful with it. The app has features such as changeable calling themes, unlimited sending, prank chat and more. The app got positive reviews for the most part, but some of the customers did not appreciate the pop-up ads at all.

3. Prankdial

Prankdial is one of the most popular prank calling app items. This application provides the user with a complete recording that he or she can use on the person who is being pranked. Two of the most popular recordings that this program uses are the “You hit my car” prank and the “Why did you call my girlfriend?” prank.

Some people have used this software to make funny YouTube videos where they have pranked people just to see their reactions. Prankdial is one of the leading applications. It currently has 3.9 stars, but more than 5 million people have downloaded it and used it every day. The application is free, so you will lose nothing by trying it. The people who rated it highly said that they liked it because it is so realistic.

4. Call Voice Changer IntCall Make Funny Phone Calls

More than 8 million people have downloaded the Call Voice Changer IntCall Make Funny Phone Calls application for iOS. it is a free application that has so many benefits that one simply cannot ignore it. Some of the most prevalent features that this app has are features such as the voice changer effect, cartoon characters, barking dogs and the like. You can truly have a blast with this application. The people who used it have rated it with nine out of 10 starts for its awesomeness.

5. Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus is an application that has good ratings from the people who used it. It is an iOS application that provides the user with free ringtones and more voice than any one person will know how to use. The program has 55 different voice sounds and some voice effects that people can use, as well. The rating that consumers gave it is a 7.5 out of 10 stars. The people who enjoy the program did so because of its abundant features. They liked having many options event though they did not use all of them.

6. Call Voice Changer Allogag

Call Voice Changer Allogag is an iOS application that has a 6.4 rating with the consumers. It allows an endless number of voice changes and it works across the Wi-Fi network or without Wi-Fi at all. People who have used it have given it glowing ratings. Some of the voices that this app provides are voices such as helium, Darth Vader, child’s voice, woman’s voice from man’s voice, child’s voice and more. The application download is free, and the users can make as many prank calls as they like.

Knowing Which App Is Right for You

The wonderful thing about mobile phone apps is that they are abundant and you can switch them at any time. It takes only about two seconds to uninstall something. Try downloading at least three to get started so that you can see with one works best for you once they are all on the phone. You should be able to find something suitable that you can use to bring yourself and your friends laughs for a very long time. The seven previously mentioned applications should give you a good idea as to where you can start.

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