A Life360 Review, Pro’s And Con’s

Keeping track of your family’s whereabouts has never been more challenging. With complicated sets of schedules, appointments, and responsibilities to adhere to, it can be easy to forget who is going where, and with whom. 

As Apple smartly said in 2010, “There’s an app for that.” There are a plethora of scheduling apps available to those seeking to streamline their routine. But there are also GPS phone trackers and locators. These applications can help you locate important loved ones, granting you sweet peace of mind.

The Life360 application offers such tranquility. Free to install, but with in-app purchases, Life360 promises to help you stay connected with your loved ones. But it is only one of the hundreds of GPS tracker apps. What makes Life360 better than the rest? Is it worth your time? Let’s find out, in this Life360 review!Quick NavigationWhat Can Life360 Do?How to InstallCompare and ContrastXNSPYFamily LocatorLife360 Review: Is it Worth Your Time?

What Can Life360 Do?

Life360 can help you keep an eye on the most important people in your life. Upon installing Life360, the user is asked to either join a pre-existing Circle or create a new one. 

A Circle is a group of individuals. You can access multiple Circles via an access code provided to the creator of the Circle.

If you would like to have, your partner and children included in your Circle you need only select “create new Circle” and share the access code with them. They will then input that code into their app upon installation, instantly joining your group.

You can also have a specific Circle for friends, extended family members, or coworkers. The members of your group must install the Life360 app to join.

They must always also agree to allow Life360 to access their locations, even when the app is not in use. This data sharing may become an issue for some people who do not want their position to be continuously divulged. 

Once properly installed and set-up, Life360 will show you a map with several icons. Each icon represents a person in your Circle. You can view the current locations of the people within your Circle, and you can also review the places they have recently visited.

Keeping track of your family members is made far easier by pre-programming locations such as your home, your work, your grocery store, or your school. 

The safety features are advantageous. Life360 generates a weekly driver report for each member of the group. In the case of an accident or breakdown, the “Get Roadside Assistance” button allows you to get help.

There is a crash detection feature can alert emergency services and family members the instant there is an auto accident. If you or a loved one are ever in danger, a quick press of the “Trigger Help Alert” button will alert emergency authorities and members of your Circle immediately. 

Not every feature of Life360 is available for free. The driver report, crash detection, roadside assistance, extended history, and crime reports are only accessible by purchasing Life360 Driver Protect, and Life360 Plus.

Both are premium subscriptions that renew monthly. This additional cost is an important aspect to consider before making a committed purchase. 

How to Install

The Life360 app is easy to install. Open the App Store on your iPhone, or the Google Play Store on your Android phone. Search “Life360”. Install for free.

Life360 Review: Compare and Contrast

Because there are so many GPS tracker apps from which to choose, this Life360 review must include a comparison to competitors. We chose two of the most popular GPS tracker applications and used them as a basis of comparison.


XNSPY is an incredible piece of software. But two factors could make XNSPY an incompatible option for you. Firstly, XNSPY only works with Android devices. 

Secondly, XNSPY is incredibly involved. XNSPY grants you access to your child or partner’s Android phone or tablet, in near totality.

In this way, it goes far beyond only tracking your family. It goes far more into spying on them, which may be ideal for a parent with a troubled teen. But it could cause problems in a marriage or partnership. 

It is not free, and payments can be made on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Family Locator

The Family Locator application is far more like Life360 than XNSPY. It is available to install from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It is free to install, though it does offer in-app purchases.

This application works mostly using Zones. Upon installation, the Family Locator app will ask you to set a Safe Zone. This first zone could be your home, your neighborhood, or any other location that you typically associate with safety. You can also set Danger Zones.

When a member of your group enters a Danger Zone, you will receive a notification. Family Locator offers real-time location tracking, allowing you to monitor your child’s progress to or home from school.

Like the Life360 app, Family Locator offers an SOS button which can alert family members of possible emergencies. Unfortunately, this SOS button does not also alert authorities that you may need assistance. 

As with Life360, many of the features of Family Locator are only available to Premium Members. Real-time tracking, 7-day history, and unlimited zones are all paid services.

Life360 Review: Is it Worth Your Time?

A GPS tracker or locator can save your life, in more ways than one. If you’ve ever lost your phone or had one stolen from you, then you know how frustrating the endless search can be.

If you have a GPS phone tracker already installed, you may see the comfort of being able to find your phone remotely.

Peace of mind is priceless. There is nothing more valuable or more crucial in this world than knowing that your family is safe. Though Life360 functions primarily through in-app purchases, which can be frustrating, it does so at a reasonable cost.

The features unlocked by becoming a Premium Member are fantastic, and certainly worth the extra pocket change every month. XNSPY may be ideal for the uber-concerned parent, but Life360 is perfect for the whole family. And it’s far less potentially harmful.

In this Life360 review, we found that Life360 is about protecting yourself and the people you love. It’s not made for spying. It’s made to protect.

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