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More individuals and companies are moving towards laptop devices, instead of traditional desktops. For most, the trip begins with creating the configuration of the laptop. If you are in that segment, you can be sure that the laptop manufacturers aiming all segment of buyers with different needs and budgets, are numerous. One might think that having such a huge variety of gadgets available would make the whole selection easy, but it’s actually the opposite. If anything, this makes things even tougher because you have to choose from so many laptops you know little about.

There is a variety of key elements which must be considered when shopping for a good laptop, and the ever-growing market offers do not make it any easier. At the first glance, all of them look attractive, since almost every company you meet will declare that its laptops offer the best performances at reasonable prices. Sadly, you can never be so sure if these statements are entirely true without testing them hands-on, and this could turn out to become a bad move if the producers or sellers do not maintain those guarantees.

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Choosing a laptop can be an great challenge, but a comforting thought is that there are many sources on the internet to make your research a bit less complicated. Specialized web sites, such as CnetTrustedReviewsEngadgetTheVergeLaptomagPCMagTechRadarDigitalTrends,  are just a few of the most precious online sources available when it comes to reliable reviews on laptops.


By spending some time to studying opinions of experts, you can discover more about the companies and their devices you are considering buying. You can also discover vital details that can be utilized to base your final decision.

The goal of reviews is to help you find out if the company whose offers you are analysing has a laptop that fits your budget specifications. Of course, the cost for a given laptop will be detailed on the company’s client support web page, but when it comes to prices, retailers such as Amazon will generally give a higher price than the original producer. For example, while the promoted cost of a laptop may be $599, the organization may not tell you that there are some additional expenses, mostly related to professional shipping over large distances, and these supplementary costs will increase the final price.

Some dealers also include hidden expenses that can drive up the costs of laptop services after its purchase. Studying the specialized review with professional opinions can help you discover the reality about the real costs and better see what you can afford. You must factor these aspects into your decision-making to ensure that all expenses will be covered for your dream device.

With this in mind here are some short laptop reviews that are worth checking out.

#1 Asus Laptop Reviews

Loyal users have always been in love with Asus, regardless of the company’s ups and downs. Lately they have been particularly satisfied by the firm’s risky and innovative styles. The organization has strongly underlined the 2-in-1 laptop class with novelties like the Asus Transformer Guide Chi segment. While it may be true that ASUS promotes mostly affordable ultrabooks, this doesn’t mean that it is comprimising in terms of appearance and performance. Let’s take a look at this year’s best ASUS laptops.

Asus Zenbook UX305



Stylish, energetic and valuable: the Asus ZenBook UX305 does them all. This 13.3” Ultrabook has integrated an Intel M CPU, 256 GB SSD, 8 GB of RAM and power graphics card conveniently nestled into a smooth metal framework. It only costs 699$.

You will also get a shiny matte display that is safe from scratches and a battery autonomy of more than 9 hours. ASUS even was able to insert three USB 3.0 slots into the UX305. This is actually surprising considering that the MacBook Air, which is of similar size, had to compromise several USB ports.

What It’s Good for:

The Ultrabook needs to provide three things: lengthy battery energy life, a slim, easy-to-carry style and enough energy to deal with your company and home needs. Asus ZenBook UX305 covers all three problems with aplomb, offering a smooth half-inch-thick metal carcass, more than enough battery power to finish every complex project you are working at and a strong processor able to deal with the most advanced software, all these available for only $699 (a price less than the competitors’ devices from Dell or HP).

Moreover, you get the 256 GB SSD, meanwhile other laptops in this category generally begin from just 128 GB. The Asus Zenbook UX305 is not ideal, but it is the best Ultrabook yet.

Price: 699$


– solid device with good performance

– affordable price


– performance could have been better (ASUS is expected to release another model with improve specs for 1000$)

Asus EeeBook X205TA



The recent increase of low-cost Chromebooks and cost-affordable Windows devices is more than just the resurgence of the mini laptops trend. Asus, the firm that started the notebook trend back in 2008, has joined the HP Stream 11 and a variety of other lower budget devices in providing a full Windows gadget for a very competitive cost.

The $199 EeeBook X205TA offers excellent battery power, a strong 11” screen, sleek style and the ability to deal with all your daily processing needs. It had some faults, but generally, this is the best laptop offered for such a low cost, making it an ideal choice for the college students who, generally, are tight on their budget.

Clad in a black shade that shimmers with a slight violet shade under direct lighting, the Asus X205TA has the simple, yet enhanced look, of its more costly competitors. The structured plastic body has smooth and curved sides with a sleek flat feel, and is available in white, red and gold. It is not as lively as the two-shaded HP Flow 11, but a part of the clients may like the Asus’ low-tone look.


The only problem with the X205TA’s overall look is that it gathers all the finger prints at an worrying rate, and it needs more than just your brief cleaning with a smooth piece of fabric in order to get rid of these nasty debris.

Ports are maintained to only a minimum needed to function without problems: the X205TA has incorporated two USB 2.0 slots on the right side, and the microSD reader, small HDMI slot and a combination of headphone and microphone slot on the left. Also, there are stereo sound systems placed behind some small grilles on the end of the frame that offer audio quality to the forefront for a maximum audio experience.

Price: 199$


– extremely cheap device with decent specifications


– it gathers too many debris and fingerprints

– uncomfortable USB slots

You get what you pay for. 

#2 Lenovo Laptop Reviews

Lenovo’s laptops have been, for a long time, recognized for their best-in-class computer keyboard and resilient models, but those features are just the tip of a very high iceberg. Starting with the ThinkPads, which set the conventional rules for companies’ over the years, as Yoga hybrids that can fold into several, different ways, the company’s collection of gadgets is loaded with highly effective portables that will help you to make the most of your hard work and time.

Lenovo ThinkPad T450s



Any popular laptop can run famous applications like Microsoft Office, but working on a Lenovo ThinkPad T450s make is seem like you are performing your business tasks twice as fast and better. Lenovo’s ThinkPad T line of business laptops has been known since its debut for a first-class mixture of lengthy battery power, distinct displays, resilient design and the best-in-class computer keyboard.

Starting at $880, the 14” T450s pushes the mobile efficiency to the next level with a rapid Intel 5th Generation i5 CPU, over 12 hours of solid battery power and the most comfortable design for typing and browsing experience anywhere and at anytime.

Lenovo’s notebook has the same framework as its forerunner, the ThinkPad T440s, this meaning that it can be only a great thing. While the T450s’ rectangle-shaped and dark-black lid, ends and bottom, the product has the silent but elegant ThinkPad visual that is similar at home, in a boardroom or at the restaurant. The red TrackPoint pointing stick with the red-striped control buttons offer small bits of color. ThinkPad images with radiant red lighting for the dot at the “I” are on the lid and the outdoor patio, flashing to tell you when the system is sleeping.

What it’s good for:

Even if you do not enjoy the ThinkPad T450s’ traditional looks, you have to like its strength. With the carbon-fiber lids, mineral magnesium carcass and internal roll cage, the laptop is designed to endure some misuse, passing all the MIL-SPEC assessments for excessive temperature ranges, moisture, vibrations, sand, bumps and fungi.

The company also assessed the T450s by saying that the unit’s stainless steel can be opened for more than 30,000 times. Even dropping massive metal balls on the device from over a couple of meters in the air will be rather harmless for the notebook. The laptop keyboards also have drains to help them endure leaks.

Price: 880$


– very durable & solid device

– powerful CPU


– slightly bulky

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro



Last season, Lenovo entered into the era of the multifunctional PCs with the IdeaPad Yoga hybrid, a laptop with a versatile display that can fold completely in reverse to turn the mini computer into a 13” tablet. Since then, an increasing number of convertible laptops have filled the markets, coming from famous producers such as Sony, Dell and Samsung, each looking for to gain an advantage over the Yoga notebook with its own original spinning, tossing or touch screen carcass.

Now, Yoga is back on track with a slimmer and less heavy style laptop with the Retina-like 3200 x 1800-pixel resolution display and the fourth-generation of Intel CPU processors integrated in it. Will be the IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro able to flip over the harsh competition at just $ 299?

At the IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro, the company decided to maintain the unique and original Yoga style. The laptop features the same magnificent and soft touch external features as those on its forerunner, while the fingerprint-resistant metal finish gives the offers it a stylish all-aluminum look. Rubber edge cuts – a new addition – gives added balance when the laptop is in tent mode. A printed Lenovo logo rests on the upper-right area of the lid.


Its soft-touch visuals expand to the outdoor patio, which looks like a black, rather than the modern silver, hue (the more daring users can also order their Yoga 2 Pro in the more stunning Clementine orange). Compared to the smooth finish of the lid on the notebook, the plastic materials on the external parts seem better in their structure, giving our fingers the feeling of relaxation on an exercise mat.

The laptop’s keyboard can be found with a minor ergonomic problem, and it is appreciated the fact that Lenovo has chosen to place the click pad in the center of the deck rather than being based under the G and H keys, as this provide our hands more room to rest in comfort.

 Price: 299$


– affordable laptop with innovative design

– convertible (laptop-tablet)

– interesting design


– keyboard has a few ergonomic issues

Toshiba Laptop Reviews

Toshiba Kirabook



Toshiba’s Kirabook (at $1,699 as reviewed) launched for 2015, has the same objective as its predecessor: to offer top-notch Windows efficiency within an eye-catching and thin device that rivals even a MacBook Pro. Kirabook mostly accomplishes that objective, providing plenty of handling power, strong battery energy and a under-3-pound weight that you will not feel at all in your bag. Nevertheless, while the laptop’s 13.3” quad-HD touch display shows amazing images, it is a little too dim to outperform its greatest opponents.

It is impossible not to think of an Apple MacBook Pro when you see the new Kirabook’s sleek and thin steel style, though the laptop has enough eye-catching eccentricities to stand out from the crowd.

The notebook’s brushed-metal framework seems both durable and fragile to the touch, with a dark, island-type keyboard and a black-bezel display that matches the all-silver appearance. Both the device’s lid and base are incredibly clean, with nothing but a stitched Toshiba logo on the top and some screws and bumpers on its end.

Price: 1699$


– beautiful design, rivalling that of the MacBook

– good battery life & solid performance


– extremely expensive 

– display is a bit too dim

Toshiba Chromebook 2



You should seriously consider buying a Chromebook. Until now, these gadgets were only little more than affordable laptops having to run only online browsers and web apps. All of them operate on Chrome OS, hence the Chromebook name. The Chromebooks nowadays are getting better in just about every aspect, and the newly Toshiba Chromebook 2 is a solid proof of that.

What it’s good for:

Starting at only $249, this device features an awesome 13” 1080p display built in a slimmer and smaller frame than the initial version. The new laptop also provides Skullcandy-powered audio and almost 8 hours of continuous battery energy. If you like the comfort of the Chromebook design, but would prefer a top gaming experience, you have come to the best solution.

The original Chromebook was a magnificently designed gadget, and yet this Chromebook 2 surpasses that version in every possible way. Just like the initial model, the new Chromebook 2 is built from a silvery and attractive carcass that is simple to handle.

The laptop has a little angled design toward the top part, where it is open to reveal the screen and keyboard. The previous Chromebook had same kind of aperture as well, but in the thinner and less massive structure of the Chromebook 2, it is more identifiable and offer the product a stylish and edgy look.

Price: 249$


– the Chromebook is packed with great features at a great cost.

– lightweight and elegant design


– only suitable for those used to the cloud & Chrome OS. Windows users will have a hard time transitioning to this operating system.

Samsung Laptop Reviews

Samsung ATIV Book 9



Samsung has renamed its whole Windows PC collection, gathering those devices under its ATIV brand. So what is in this name? Samsung ATIV Book 9 (previously branded as Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook) maintains the featherweight frame of its forerunner and upgrades the 1600 x 900, 13” screen to full 1080p. Another big addition is the Samsung’s SideSync application that allows users to handle the Samsung Android gadgets by using only the laptop. And all of this is worth around $1,399 in stores.

The ATIV Book 9 has the same attractive and blue-gray metal carcass of its older sibling, the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook. It also has a little raised design, while the silver Samsung logo brings a nice touch of modern style. Despite the slimness of this gadget, Samsung is still looking to develop elegant shapes into its design, as confirmed by the soft lines along the edges of the laptop.

The notebook’s internal structure is swathed in some of that stunning, blue-gray metal. A little power button rests straight above the laptop’s keyboard deck. The touch pad is covered in a small band of aluminum. A little depression is placed under the touch pad, providing a port wide enough for our fingers to open the computer.

Price: 1390$


– In my opinion this is one of the best-looking laptops on the market

– Solid specs and incredible performance


– It comes at a hefty price and the carcass is slightly fragile

Samsung Chromebook 2 (Intel)



When it came out a few months ago, the 13” Samsung Chromebook 2 made quite an impression with its attractive faux-leather model and full-HD show. Too bad the Exynos processor was not up so performing, even for a Chromebook, and its $399 tag was a bit extreme. The newest Chromebook 2 maintains its predecessor’s style, but this more cost-effective $249 version offers a compact sized 11” display and a quicker 2.58 GHz Intel Celeron processor, for a better efficiency.

From the exterior, the Samsung Chromebook 2 has not really been modified as compared to its larger sibling. It has a similar faux-leather wrapped body with sewing around the sides, providing it a portfolio and expert look. The keyboard and structure of the Chromebook 2 are bright silver and sleek, and the island-type keys are dark and ever so slightly distinctive.

What It’s Good for:

The new Chromebook 2’s keyboard is clickable and fulfilling to type on, but it seems crowded by the unit’s 11” structure. Having a key travel of just 1.3 mm and actuation of 50 grams, all keys follow the same travel, but need less power to press them, compared to the common ultra portable (1.3 mm and 55 grams).

Price: 249$


– affordable solution for connected individuals

-lightweight & powerful battery


– the entire design feels a bit cluttered

HP Laptop Reviews

HP ZBook 14


Close-up of left-side USB ports and keyboard / Image Source Slashgear


HP’s ZBook 14 is an ideal business notebook with the capacity to call itself a portable work place. With the Intel i7 processor, a beastly 16 GB of RAM, the 240 GB SSD and a devoted graphic board, this 14” computer can easily manage your most challenging projects. But, at $2,349 as official price tag, the HP ZBook 14 is almost as costly as a similarly designed 15” Apple MacBook Pro.

Here is why it is worth your money:

The HP ZBook 14 has the same design terminology as its bigger brother, the ZBook 15. The lid consists of a fashionable applied metal piece enclosed by a distinctive magnesium alloy. In the middle is a decorated, indicative HP logo that suits the magnesium’s black shading. Inside, a ZBook 14’s presents a smooth and durable metal keyboard.

Above the laptop’s keyboard, and extending from side to side, is the gadget’s speaker grille. Above it, rests the energy button on its left side, with Wi-Fi and mute control buttons on the right. At the right of the notebook’s keyboard is the low profile fingerprint scanning device.

At its 13.4” x 9.3” x 0.83” dimensions and a weight of 3.9 lbs, the ZBook is just a little wider and bulkier than the Lenovo’s T440s. Acer’s 14” TravelMate P645 is also smaller the HP, measuring 12.9” x 9.3” x 0.82” and weighing only 3.3 pounds.

Price: 2.349$


– extremely expensive but worth the money for hardcore users

– excellent device for gaming


– bulky and heavy

– the price-tag isn’t justifiable for casual users

HP Stream 11



HP’s lovely Stream 11 is among the most cost-effective Windows notebooks yet, at only $199, and just like its Google-powered competitor, it is designed specifically for cloud-based processing. That is why HP and Microsoft toss in an entire TB of cloud storage space for one year. Compared to the Chromebook, though, the users can still get a lot of things done off-line.

To keep them effective, the Stream 11 brings the full edition of Office 365 Personal (available also for 12 months). It appears to be like a great deal, but is it a ultra portable,  a Chromebook competitor, or just a mini laptop with another name?

The HP laptop gets solid style points for its clamshell. It is also accessible to almost any user, thanks to its price. The HP Flow 11 has a strong Horizon Blue shade with matte finish which parcels around the entire plastic frame. Open the lid and you will find a fashionable dot design that flows from blue to violet as you look from the top to the end of its deck. (the company also offers a Stream 11 model with a green lid and keyboard deck going from tulip violet to lily light red.)

The visual sensation is that one of a snowfall cone: fun and lively. However, the white keyboard and dense frame around its screens makes the laptop look like  a kids’ notebook.

The right part of this laptop has a USB 3.0 slot, a USB 2.0 port and a single HDMI port, while its SD Card port, earphone, power and lock ports are aligned on the left edge.

Price: 199$


– affordable laptop designed for cloud computing. Excellent for online users.

– Storage options on the cloud are excellent

– unique and fun design


– lacks in terms of performance and graphics

Apple Laptop Reviews

Apple MacBook Pro 15” Retina



The company modified the 15” MacBook Pro in the summer of 2014 to include a faster core i7 processor and dual the RAM (at 16 GB) while maintaining the 256 GB SSD. It is recommended buying the newest model of this laptop, but some clients might want to wait until Apple incorporates the Intel 5th-generation processor and a more recent video card from Nvidia.


With its extremely realistic 2880 x 1800-pixel quality display, the 15“ MacBook Pro launched in 2013, introduced the Retina display. This set a higher standard for portable screens when it came out on the market.

Since then, Windows has produced Retina-like devices, but these days Apple is the supreme manufacturer of super HD quality displays. Starting at $2,499 with full configuration, the new 15” Retina MacBook Pro has Intel’s fourth-generation of top performance processors for better efficiency and battery power along with much quicker flash storage.

The configuration comes fully packed with 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB of flash storage and an Nvidia GT 750M card. In addition, Apple now has the new iWork and iLife packages for free. The device is a 4.5 lbs incredible gadget for power customers.


Apple did not change a thing in the 15” MacBook Pro’s style, but it was not necessary to do it. The silver metal frame has the same strong and top quality look and touch as before, with the black edge around the screen, offering a pop of comparison. On the lid, you can find Apple’s signature backlit logo, with the deck having a backlit keyboard in the middle of two sound systems.

Price: 2.349$ – full specs


– This computer offers the best of anything

– the design is so beautiful that it has been replicated by companies such as ASUS & HP.


– too expensive for normal users, but that’s what you would expect of Apple.

Apple MacBook Air 11”


Apple has declared that it will release a new 2015 edition of the 11” MacBook Air that has a 5th-generation Intel Core processor, improved graphic performances and Thunderbolt 2 connection. You will still have more than 9 hours of battery power. It is recommended to buy the newest model of this laptop.

Why modify something that had a great success? It is exactly the way Apple has followed with its newest upgrade to the 11-inch MacBook Air. The lightweight ultra portable shows the same style, display and keyboard, having only the processor submitted to a minor upgrade. Apple has also cut $100 off the tag price, (now available for only $899) which, along with a great efficiency package, excellent performances and longer battery power, makes a MacBook Air to be a better acquisition than ever.

In conclusion, there is nothing new to see there. The Air’s all-metal wedge-shaped style is as slimmer and modern as ever, but the users are starting to look ahead to the time when the company will upgrade the design of its successful ultra portable. A slimmer frame or other color choices would be welcomed.

Price: 899$


– cheaper and smaller version of the MacBook Pro 15

– offers good functionality & superb screen resolution

– beautiful design


– none, in my opinion

This concludes our short list of laptops and laptop reviews worth considering. If you’re on the look-out for a new device you should consider one of the above mentioned models. We will be updating this list with new laptops as they appear, so stay tuned. 

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