8 of the Best Chromecast Apps for Android

As many tech enthusiasts know, it can be hard to keep all your digital content in one device. A great solution to this problem is streaming the content to a TV set. Developed by Google, Chromecast serves that exact function. However, as with any piece of hardware, it needs software in order to function. While there are many Chromecast apps available for download, some are clearly better than others. The following guide will go over the eight most important Chromecast apps, detailing their main characteristics. At the same time, it will provide an insight into the reasons for their popularity.

Essential Chromecast Apps for Android

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1. Chrome Browser

Many people use Chrome Browser for general internet surfing on a daily basis. Most of them don’t realize that, though extensions, this useful Android app is capable of much more. Without a doubt, one of its greatest features is its Chromecast support. Not only does it produce one of the most stable and dependable casting signals out there, it also does it directly from the browser. Since most users will probably be using Chrome for browsing anyway, that is a greatly convenient and useful asset. Additionally, this app provides users with the ability to cast entire websites.

2. Google Play Movies and TV

This useful Chromecast app is a favorite of people who rent or purchase movies and TV shows from Google Play. Though a remarkably dependable casting service, its Chromecast support allows users to watch that content directly on their TV. One thing that sets Google Play Movies and TV apart from many other Chromecast apps is that it allows downloads for offline watching. Some people will dislike the fact that, although the app is free to download, all its content must be bought from the Google Play Store. However, the site actually has plenty of free and on-sale downloads available.

3. Netflix

Without a doubt, Netflix is the current king of content streaming services. Unsurprisingly, the company was among the first to have Chromecast support. Amazingly, the quality of the Netflix app’s casting service has not diminished in the slightest over the years. Quite to the contrary, it has improved and expanded, adding useful features other Chromecast apps do not have. One of the best examples of this is the relatively recent addition of a highly useful offline watching mode. As for the quality of the streaming itself, it’s impeccable as long as there’s a steady internet connection.

4. Twitch

Just like movie and TV show enthusiasts, people who enjoy videogames have the opportunity of watching videogame matches in real time through Twitch. Not unlike other Chromecast apps, Twitch supports casting of various gaming events such as eSports games, tournaments and multiplayer challenges. What sets the Twitch app apart, however, is the level of community interaction it provides. Now, thanks to its Chromecast support, it’s possible to take that to the next level by showcasing important community events directly in a TV set. Amazingly, this great app is totally free. However, it is possible to support Twitch streamers directly if one desires to do so.

5. Plex

One of the longer-lasting apps in this list, Plex has been a Chromecast app since the very beginning. It combines the features of any Chromecast app with the basic characteristics of a server in order to feed a streaming signal to various other devices. It works by allowing users to set up a home server on their computers. Whenever the user desires, videos playing in that home server will be automatically streamed to one or more connected devices. It even allows triple streaming as users can stream from their computer to a device and from the device to a TV set.

6. LocalCast for Chromecast

Amazingly versatile, LocalCast allows Android users to send video, music or pictures from various platforms to all compatible devices using Chromecast. It also allows users to stream from their cloud storage to their devices. Stable and reliable, LocalCast has gained quite a lot of attention from various streaming communities around the globe. It allows users to stream from their phones, tablets, NAS, Google Drive, Google+ and Dropbox. In addition to its streaming services, this app boasts some unique features such as zooming into videos and pictures, SMB access and even the possibility of subtitles.

7. iHeartRadio

Radio enthusiasts will love to know that there is something for them among all the different Chromecast apps. More reliable than any FM radio station, iHeartRadio allows users to tune into a huge variety of unique native stations. If that wasn’t enough, it also enables users to tune into AM and FM radios from across the entire globe. Big on the podcasting community, iHeartRadio makes a special point out of offering a wide selection of the best podcasts available.

8. Pocket Casts

Perhaps the most popular of all podcast-oriented Chromecast apps, Pocket Casts is supremely reliable for casting its varied content. Its Chromecast support allows Android users to easily send that content to multiple TV devices. With that in mind, the app offers a variety of audiovisual podcasts along with the more common audio-only podcasts. Bursting with interesting features, it allows users to program, organize and customize their playlists up to the very last detail. Additionally, it offers beautiful and highly customizable interfaces that can be personalized by users.

Whether they want to stream audio, video or other types of media, in this list there’s a Chromecast app for everyone. Characterized by their reliability, stability, practicality and variety, these useful apps routinely take full advantage of the technical possibilities of the Chromecast. Regardless of the content that they work with, all of them provide a way to amplify your content. Do you use other Chromecast apps that the whole world needs to know about? Please, let us know in the comments below!

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