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What is the best cheap cell phone plan?

Equally important to purchasing a good smart-phone device is finding cheap phone plans. It’s really amusing to see people with expensive smartphones who can’t afford to make a call because they decided on extremely poor cellphone plans. This happens when people buy something without doing any research. There is no shortage of companies whose sole mission is to con unexpected buyers. This is why we decided to break-down the main cellphone providers in the United States.

Keeping the trend alive, that started with our best smartphone device article, we continue with this awesome list featuring the best cheap cell phone plan!

It seems like every month providers are setting new prices for their cell phones paired with a plan. Usually, it’s a 24 month contract, but I’ve seen plans go up to a 4 year period too. Because the market is extremely competitive plans have a tendency of changing, especially during the holidays. However, there is a pattern that most respectable providers follow. 

You can get swallowed in the haze of low prices, but you need to be careful what you are picking, for how long, and from whom.

First off, let’s start with the most known providers.


Does T-Mobile offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

T-Mobile offers basically unlimited calling with a $49 per month plan – no annual contract needed. Some clients in select areas of the country may also be eligible for certain more traditional plans like the 1,000 minutes and unlimited nights, and weekends for $39 a month.

If you really don’t fancy minutes at all, T-Mobile has a $30 a month plan that consists of unlimited data and text, and also 100 minutes.


Does AT&T offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

AT&T weasels itself into the second tier of providers by offering a “ List with Rollover Plan”. The list allows you to add the 5 numbers you call the most for unlimited free calling – even if those individuals are AT&T members or not. You need a minimum of $59 per month plan to be eligible to add people to a list.


Does Sprint offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

Now, it seems like AT&T stole the “ List with Rollover Plan” idea from Sprint. The company also has a “Any Mobile, Any Time” plan – its basically the same thing; it offers unlimited calling to any cell phone, regardless of the network for $69 a month. There is no need to designated favourite numbers.


Does Verizon offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

Verizon doesn’t offer any particular unlimited plan. What does it offer is fairly expensive, and weak comparing with other big providers.

Now that are are accustomed with The Big 4, let’s take a look at the list down below, and see if we can find you the best cheap cell phone plan! Even if you don’t believe that you will find good plans with smaller companies, you might be surprised to see that some of them have extremely cost-effective offers. It all depends on the type of contract you want to make. 

Metro PCS

Does Metro PCS offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

No annual contract so you can easily change your plan, or lose them all-together, whenever you want. Nationwide 4G LTE Network, and you can keep your number if you switch to them.

You can set up your plan however you want, depending on how much data you use in a month, how much texting you do, and how much you talk on your phone.

The recommended plan from MetroPCS consists of Nationwide coverage with unlimited data, talk and text. The first 4GB data is up to 4G LTE speeds, starting at $50 a month.

And if you add add more than 2 people to a Family Plan, besides saving up a ton of money – up to $300 a year, depending on how many people you add – you can also be eligible for discounts.


Does Cricket offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

One really great thing about Cricket is that you can save up discounts, and use them as a bundle.

The recommended plan, and the most picked one, is the Smart plan. It consists of 4GB data, at 4G LTE speeds, unlimited nationwide talk and text, unlimited nationwide messaging, unlimited talk and messaging to Canada* and Mexico, Unlimited international texting, and you are eligible for group save discounts – up to $100 each month – for only $50 a month.

*Northwest territories of North Canada are not included.

Page Plus Cellular

Does Page Plus Cellular offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

No contract monthly plans start from $12, and go up to $69. The cheapest one consists of 250 minutes, 250 texts, 10MB data – not much, but you can buy it for your child.

The recommended no contract prepaid plan would be the $55 a month one. Unlimited minutes, and 200 international landline minutes, unlimited texting, unlimited data which consists of the first 3 GB at 4G LTE speeds, then the speed drops to 64kbps with no additional hidden cost.

Virgin Mobile

Does Virgin Mobile offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

The cheapest cell phone plan starts a$20 a month and it can go up to $55 a month. The cheapest one consists of no mobile data, with 300 minutes and unlimited texts – it’s called Wi-Fi Lovers Delight, because you’ll only be happy with your carrier when you’re near an Wi-Fi.

The recommended one though will make you cough up $35 a month, and its the best value plan from Virgin Mobile. Unlimited data, talk and text, that includes 250MB at high speed 3G/4G LTE, or at the same price you can choose Unlimited data, and text, with 300 minutes, that includes 2.5GB at high-speed 3G/4G LTE.

Boost Mobile

Does Boost Mobile offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

Besides the monthly plans, you can choose a daily plan from Boost Mobile. The $3 daily plan smartphones consists of unlimited talk, text and data, on the nation wide Sprint network.

The monthly plans are grouped into 3 categories, each of them consisting of unlimited data, talk and texts on Sprint 4G LTE network, with no contractual and roaming hidden charges:

  • $35 a month – 1GB 3G/4G Data
  • $45 a month – 5GB 3G/4G Data
  • $55 a month – 10GB 3G/4G Data

Straight Talk

Does Straight Talk offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

Straight Talk has great unlimited plans, that can tether to your needs.

The first one is a no-contract pre-paid $45 a month plan that consists of unlimited nationwide talk time, unlimited nationwide texts, 3GB high speed data, then the speed goes down to 64kbps, unlimited calls to 411, and you have an auto-refill option.

The second one is more internationally oriented, so if you have friends and family over seas, this one is worth looking into. For $60 a month you get unlimited nationwide, unlimited mobile to Mexico, China, India, and Canada plus select international landlines for talk time, unlimited nationwide texting, 3GB high-speed data, then the speed goes down to 64kbps, unlimited calls to 411, and you also have an auto-refill option.

Republic Wireless

Does Republic Wireless offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

As low as a $5 WiFi only plan with unlimited talk, text and data – over Wi-Fi; the plans can go up to $40.

The $10 Republic Plan consists of unlimited talk, text an data over Wi-Fi and Cell.

The $25 Republic + 3G Plan consists of the same stuff with only the data switch-able between Wi-Fi , and On-Network 3G.

And the last one, the $40 Republic + 4G has the same goodies, only with the unlimited data being thrown to a On-Network 4G.


Does GoSmartMobile offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

Starting at $25 per month with unlimited nationwide talk, unlimited Facebook, unlimited texting, and no unlimited nationwide web, plans don’t change much – except the price, and the unlimited nationwide web data. So for a $35 a month plan you get 2.5GB of 3G web, $40 a month will get you 5GB of 3G web, and $45 a month consists of 10GB of 3G web.

You can also choose a few services like $5 a month for international texting – covering over 220 countries. And $10 a month for international texting and calling – unlimited texting covering over 220 countries and land line calling to over 70 countries.


Does FreedomPop offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

FreedomPop doesn’t offer plans particularly. If you buy a $99 Android smartphone from them, you have immediate access to 200 minutes, 500 text messages, 500MB of data each month, all of these with no contract. The one time purchase of a $99 Android smartphone is enough.

H20 Wireless

Does H20 Wireless offer the best cheap cell phone plan?

Plans start at $30 with unlimited talk to 50+ countries, and 500MB of data. The recommended one would be the $50 unlimited talk to 50+ countries, and 2GB of Data – the monthly plan includes 4G LTE at maximum speeds.

But you can also choose to pay as you go – $10 for 200 minutes or texts, 100MB or MMS for 90 days; the best one is the $25 option which offers 1,000 minutes or texts, 250MB or MMS for 30 days.

Now you have to choose one of them based on your needs. Don’t focus only on the big 4 T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. They are big corporations that only want your money. Sure, the little guys also want your money, but they care that they customer service is top notch, and they care when you have a problem. It’s easier to lose 100 clients as big corp, and not feel it sting your profits, but when 100 clients leave your small business, then you’re facing a huge problem, even bankruptcy.

Do you have any experience with the providers listed above? What plans did  you use and were they good enough for you? We would like to hear your opinion. 

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