The Top Cell Phone Battery Reviews You Need to Read

Checking out the top cell phone battery reviews can save you money. When you spend $500, $800, or even $1,000 on a brand new cell phone, you expect it to last. Most of the cellphones on the market now are built to last, except for one critical component: the battery. Fortunately, all cell phone batteries can be replaced, but the replacement will cost you. We’ve combed through all the top cell phone battery reviews, and we found the best, no matter what kind of phone you have.

How to Know When Your Phone Needs a New Battery

Be honest. Your cell phone is almost always on, right? I know mine is. For most Americans, their cell phone is more than a phone. It’s even more than a computer. It’s almost an appendage. While we’re making great use of our smartphones, their batteries are getting tired. Today’s cell phone batteries last for between 300-500 charging cycles, and then their capacity drops to about 70 percent. Then, the drop begins to escalate. That may sound like a lot, but if you’re draining and charging your phone twice a day, as many people do, your battery will suffer.

Despite all of your phone’s “smart” technology, its lithium-ion battery has changed little since 1991. If your phone is acting a little wonky, if the battery doesn’t last very long, or if your phone mysteriously shuts down during the most inconvenient times, you might need a new battery. When your phone and battery are over two years old, you probably need a new battery.

Neither Apple or Google (Android) makes it particularly easy to check your battery’s health, but you can do it:


You can install an app called AccuBattery. It isn’t an instant process. It could take up to weeks for the app to fully monitor your phone and its usage. Once it’s done its job, though, it will run in the background and offer energy-saving tips.


Apple doesn’t make it much easier to check your battery’s health. Apple has to do that for you. If you don’t feel like making an appointment at their Genius Bar, you can download their support app for free. They can analyze your phone and diagnose your battery’s health.

The Best Cell Phone Battery Reviews

Before you look for a battery replacement, find out if your phone is under warranty. Most have a one-year warranty, and if you’re a heavy cell phone user, it’s possible your battery could die within that time.

Note that very few smartphones have easily removable batteries. You can buy a kit that helps you take apart your phone to get to your battery, but it will void warranties, and it’s not something we can recommend in this cell phone battery reviews powerhouse.

Android best cell phone battery reviews

Android phones have multiple manufacturers and multiple battery sizes and styles. Manufacturer battery replacement ranges in price from $30 to $45. Any one of your phone carrier’s brick and mortar stores should be able to sell the battery and install it properly, without destroying your phone or the warranty.

iPhone best cell phone battery reviews

The best battery is usually a manufacturer original. After coming under fire for battery performance issues, Apple lowered the price from $79 to $29, until the end of 2018. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about taking your phone apart. Apple will do that for you. A new battery could be all you need to keep your phone going until you want to buy a new one.

Best Portable Charger

Portable chargers come in two basic types. There is the type you plug into your phone (a battery pack) and the type that doubles as a phone case (a battery case). A battery pack is inexpensive, but it can be a pain to carry, especially if you put your phone in a pant pocket. Battery cases add bulk to your phone, but when on your phone, you only have to worry about one device. In both cases, the more power you need, the larger the charger.

Best Battery Pack

The nice thing about a battery pack is that you can use it for multiple devices. As long as you have the right charging cables, they can power up Androids, iPhones and, tablets, sometimes at the same time.

Anker PowerCore 1000 at Amazon

The best-reviewed battery pack in our cell phone battery reviews mash-up is the Anker PowerCore 1000 with Quick Charge 3.0. The PowerCore has enough juice to fully power three smartphones. It’s smaller than a deck of cards, and it weighs just 6.4 ounces. It packs a lot of power into the relatively small body. It will get you up and running within minutes. At $32.99, it’s very affordable.

iMuto portable charger at Amazon

The iMuto Portable Charger is a bit pricier and heftier. It weighs about a pound and a half, but it brags that it’s the fastest charger on the market. The manufacturer claims it can “charge 2016 MacBook 2.5 times, iPhone 7 almost 12 times, Galaxy S7 almost seven times, iPad Air almost 2.5 times.”

Best Power Bank

iQunix MiniPower battery charger at Amazon

If tiny and lightweight is your priority, the iQunix MiniPower 3350mAh is your solution. At just 2.88 ounces and about the size of a standard highlighter. It holds enough power to completely charge your phone, with juice to spare. It even comes in five colors. At $10.99, you can afford one of each.

Ruipu Portable Charger Power Bank at Amazon

The Ruipu Portable Charger Power Bank is a bargain at $29.99. It’s a cell phone case that has the added bonus of protection for your phone. The manufacturer claims that it can charge your cell phone five times. Even if it only offers half that, it should get you through even the busiest day. Best of all, it’s smaller and thinner than many of its competitors, at just 2.2 centimeters thick and weighing in at less than half a pound.

How to Preserve Your Cell Phone Battery

If battery packs and chargers aren’t for you, extend the life of your own battery. Here are some tips, depending on whether you have an Android or iPhone. No cell phone battery reviews overview would be complete without giving you information like this.

How to preserve your Android cell phone battery

The smarter your phone, the harder a battery has to work to keep up. To give us all day talking and surfing power, a cell phone would be much bigger and unwieldy than it is now. However, there are ways to protect your Android battery:

1. See where you stand

See where your phone is using the most energy by going to Settings > Battery. It will tell you where most of your battery’s resources are going. If it’s for an application you don’t need all the time, close it. If you never use it, uninstall it. You’d be shocked at how much waste there is in unused apps.

2. Beware of the “always on” apps

Email and social media apps are notorious for sucking down battery power, simply because they refresh every few seconds. Set Facebook, Twitter, and your email to “manual” pulling. You still have access, but you’ll have to refresh them manually.

3. Location apps

If you aren’t using WiFi or Bluetooth, turn them off. If there’s no reason for your phone to know where you are, turn off the GPS.

4. Check for apps running in the background

To see what’s running in the background, go to Settings > Apps, and it will give you a list of all the apps that are running. You can stop any apps you don’t need.

5. Use power saving mode

Some Android models have power saving mode. It turns your phone into a phone, instead of a hand-held computer. You can still make phone calls and text, but you won’t be able to browse the web or check your Facebook. It can add days to your battery life, though.

How to preserve your iPhone cell phone battery

Despite the fact that iPhones have a relatively small share of the smartphone market, their name has become synonymous with smartphone technology. One thing Apple’s iPhones aren’t known for, though, is battery life. To extend your iPhone’s battery life:

1. Prevent background app refresh

Background App Refresh is the kind of intuitive technology we’ve come to expect, but it’s also a battery drain. If there are apps that you check regularly throughout the day, your iPhone learns your behavior and checks the apps itself. The cost is battery life. Turn that off by going to Settings > General > Background Apps Refresh. You can either disable it or control the way it interacts with individual apps.

2. Forget automatic updates

When your phone constantly looks for updates, it drains the battery. To turn off automatic updates, go to Settings > iTunes and App Store > Slide “updates” to off.

3. Protect your privacy, your battery, and keep ads away

You can block ads on your iPhone by downloading a content blocker. Websites load faster, you use less data and you use a bit less power. Win, win, win. To download a content blocker, go to the App Store and find the content blocker you want, and install it. Once it’s installed, tap on the app, go to Settings > Safari > General > Content Blockers. Slide it to green. You won’t see ads on Safari.

4. Minimize the brightness

Either reduce your screen’s brightness or set to auto-brightness. Go to Settings > Display and Brightness. Turn on auto-brightness and slide the control to the darkest setting you can stand.

5. Turn off WiFi, personal hotspot and if not needed, GPS and Bluetooth

Just go to Settings > WiFi (Personal Hotspot, GPS or Bluetooth) > Off.

6. Find out where your phone is losing power

Go to Settings > Battery. It will give you a list of where your power is going. Turn off anything you don’t need. Uninstall apps you don’t use.

We hope that this article is among the best cell phone battery reviews you have every read. Let us know down in the comments what kind of phone you have, and how well these tips and tricks for batteries.

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