The Future of Drones: Will Machine Power Replace Manpower?

The future of drones shows great prospect that will change the world for good.

Since the technology that makes drones possible has advanced so much in recent years, the future of drones is on everyone's minds. Drones are no longer a question of "what if," but of "when and how." In existence since the first World War, drone "pilots" used catapults to launch early models into the air to accomplish specific tasks. However, given the rate of failure of those early models, it is likely that no one from that era would have … [Read more...]

Irulu: The New Revolution in Cost-Effective Technology


Are you looking for an affordable tech gadget? The Ohio-based company Irulu may be able to help you out. Irulu specializes in bringing cost friendly gadgets to the market. The company makes everything from phones to tablets and even home projectors. Amazingly, Irulu manufactures almost everything that you could want. Find out more about Irulu below. A Brief History of Irulu The company came into being in 2010 as a subsidiary of the USA111 Inc. … [Read more...]

Blockchain Technology: What Is It and How Does It Work?

The Blockchain is how people keep track of cryptocurrency transactions

The term “blockchain” is all the rage right now. Depending on your familiarity with the word, you may think of an abstract idea that has little to no meaning. To the vast majority of people who are familiar, when they hear the word "blockchain," they think of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. While the two are related, many other industries and uses are available with this type of technology. In this article, we’ll answer the question: what is … [Read more...]

Understanding Cryptocurrency: A Guide to the Basics

Bitcoins and Ethereum Cryptocurrency

If you haven’t heard of cryptocurrency, then there’s a good chance you have been living under a rock for the past few years. But just because you hear about something doesn’t mean you know what it is or how it works. There is plenty of cryptocurrency news for those interested in learning more, but the information available can get very complicated, very fast. Many believe cryptocurrency is just beginning to touch the tip of the proverbial … [Read more...]

How Smart Boards Improve the Learning Environment

Smart boards like this one are changing education.

Smart boards, also known as interactive whiteboards, have gained popularity in classrooms, meeting rooms, training, and conferences. With a smart board, you can effortlessly create interactive presentations, projects, lessons, and quizzes. It transformed the way students learn and the presentation of data or information. In a way, the smart board has revolutionized the traditional whiteboard and learning environment today. What is a Smart … [Read more...]

Mini NES: This Nintendo Classic Is Making a Come Back

Mini NES

The Mini NES, also known as the NES Classic Edition, will hit shelves again this summer. And gamers, like myself, are super excited. Consoles have undergone a massive shift over the past few decades. Although we have many next-gen gaming consoles, from the Xbox One to the PS4, they owe their existence to older consoles, such as the NES and SNES. Nintendo was one of the pioneers of video game consoles, and the NES was one of their most … [Read more...]

Machine Learning: A Vital Part of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning is making computers smarter.

The term machine learning was first used in 1959 by Arthur Lee Samuel. The term was a by-product of research in pattern recognition and computational learning theory. Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that makes a machine capable of making its own decisions. What is Machine Learning and its Uses In layman's language, machine learning provides the capability for the computer to behave like an independent human being in … [Read more...]

Face Recognition: Everything You Need to Know About This New Tech

face recognition is in the news. this image shows a scan measuring an eye

When the iPhone X hit the market, it shined a new spotlight on a rather old technology that was no more than a fantasy — face recognition. This technology now allows a user to perform myriad functions such as unlocking and making payments on his handheld device. Though developers are still experimenting with this technology, it is a big bet that it will pay off. It will also pave the way for easier-to-use and more secure biometric technology … [Read more...]

Smart Speakers: All About the Five Best Models of 2018

Apple HomePod sits next to Google Home Max speaker on counter

While just a few short years ago the only smart speakers you might have been able to find included the Amazon Echo, today the market has dozens of newer, better, and more sophisticated options. No longer are you limited to choosing between a handful of devices for your smart speaker needs. But are there too many options now? Nowadays, selecting the best smart speaker means determining what fits best in your home or lifestyle. Do you prefer … [Read more...]

7 Retail Technology Trends that Are Revolutionizing the Industry

retail technology trends

Retail is one one of the most difficult tests of new technologies. Business is nothing if not efficient. If a technology persists in the retail world than it’s a proven benefit. When technology helps a company increase profits than one can bet it will continue to grow. In the following article we’ll examine retail technology trends which match both of these criteria. These are tech trends which are useful now, and which will become even more so … [Read more...]