Top 10 Camera Apps to Try for Better Photos on Your Phone

Most likely, you take pictures on your phone to share on social media. Thankfully, there are thousands of camera apps available to help you earn a thumbs-up, a special emoji, a heart, or a comment. This article lists the pros and cons of the top rated apps offered on Google Play Store and iTunes. Besides helping you take better photos on your phone, these camera apps are free for both Android and iOS devices.

Best 10 Camera Apps for Quality Pictures

1. Snapseed

snapseed photo editor, one of the best Camera apps

Snapseed is one of the most impressive camera apps on the market. A gesture-based interface lets you slide your finger up and down to choose a preference. With a special selective tool, you can correct only a part of the image. You can also adjust the brightness as well as contrast and color saturation.

• Editing tools similar to desktop photo editors.
• Feature-rich.
• Great control over effects and features.

• Buried social sharing features.
• Distracting highlight option.
• Complicated interface.

2. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam screenshots

Favored by professional photographers, VSCO Cam comes packed with top performance features. A rare user interface allows you to tap anywhere on the screen to take and fix photos. If you are looking to build your portfolio, this app is for you. Countless editing tools are available for adjusting exposure, color, and more.

• Ample customization features.
• Can separate or combine camera libraries.
• Able to apply filters from 1-12 in layers.

• Limited sharing feature.
• May take a while to upload.

3. Camera360

Camera360 app

Camera360 is one of the most popular camera apps on both iOS and Android platforms. This app lets you take professional-quality pictures. It has options for touching-up flaws, setting temperature, tint, and exposure. Most of the settings are on the same screen, so you can simultaneously apply adjustments.

• A load of filters and unique shot modes.
• Touch to compare feature.
• No ads.

• No cropping or rotating features.
• Unable to use pictures from photo library.
• Randomly force closes.

4. Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary Photo Editor app

Equipped with a wide assortment of photo editing tools, Photo Editor has a simple interface. Aviary offers a comprehensive tool for editing and enhancing photos. Features include color saturation and red-eye removal. It is one of the best camera apps for those looking for a straight shooting camera with fast, powerful effects.

• Smart one-tap auto enhance.
• Offers more photo editing tools than most camera apps.
• Clear interface.

• No shift-tilt option.
• Must use back button to undo changes.
• Lots of pop-ups for add-ons.

5. Pixlr

Pixlr app

With over two million ways to combine effects, filters, and overlays, Pixlr is very popular. The easy-to-use tools on the bottom of the screen perform a variety of editing tasks. As one of the most powerful camera apps available, it offers a vast range of automated features.

• Pinch to zoom controls.
• Simple resizing, cropping, and editing tools.
• No ads.

• No back out warning, resulting in lost work.
• Unable to save a favorite effects combination.

6. Fotor

Fotor app

Fotor offers an excellent range of functions that produce quality results. It is one of the few camera apps that takes advantage of SLR technology. The focus feature helps you create quality pictures with greater depth and clarity. Just choose a focal point and make adjustments to produce high-definition photos.

• Quickly process high-quality photos.
• Able to edit one photo or a batch.
• Thirteen, One-tap photo improvement options.

• Unable to stack filter effects.
• Limited collage features.

7. Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder app

Photo Wonder is one of the fastest camera apps boasting a friendly interface. The app has four sections to help you take better photos on your phone. A beautify option under the editing function allows you to give people a photo makeover. Other sections include collages, filter-camera, and material.

• Filter-camera allows you to apply filters in real-time.
• A variety of options for collages.
• Material option lets you download extra items to decorate images.

• Notifications come through even when turned off.

8. Magic Hour Lite

Magic Hour Lite app

This app helps you turn bland snapshots into gorgeous works of art. Create your own filters or use the unlimited filters offered in the Magic Hour Lite app. It is one of the only camera apps that lets you make your own filters. Using a combination of filters, you can create professional-looking photos.

• Easy interface
• Take photos and control filters from the Home screen.
• Filters outshine the pre-sets in other camera apps.

• Limited features in Lite version.
• Requires additional formatting for Instagram.

9. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express app

Made by Adobe, Photoshop Express delivers a smooth interface and user experience. Everything a mobile photographer needs for photo editing is included in this app. The app features advanced image-correction tools and effects. It also integrates with Facebook and Twitter.

• No-brainer controls.
• Strato-filter offers excellent vintage effects.
• Offers Straighten and Flip feature not found in most other camera apps.

• Doesn’t offer as many special effects as other camera apps.
• Requires a Creative Cloud subscription for some features.
• No sharing community.

10. Candy Camera

Candy Camera app

Tired of taking low-resolution pictures on your phone? The Candy Camera app will help you produce stunning photos in real-time. It is one of the most advanced camera apps for capturing photos on-the-go. The app features preloaded presets and effects that selfie-lovers appreciate.

• Presets make editing almost unnecessary.
• Option to save both original and preset image.
• Continuous shooting mode.

• Processing time is slower on Android devices.
• Loss of image quality when using rear camera.
• Unable to make collages from pre-existing photos.

Many mobile photographers use a few apps to produce high-quality photos. With the above camera apps, you can take better photos on your phone. Try a couple of them to discover which one suits your needs. Can you think of other camera apps for taking great photos? Leave a comment below.

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