8 Bible Study Apps for Android and iOS

Reading the Bible cover to cover is a goal many Christians have. Bible study apps can help you accomplish that goal while improving your understanding of the material along the way. It’s not just Christians who have an interest in reading the Bible. Theology students and those who are exploring religion also have a need for Bible study apps to guide them through the process. We have compiled a list of eight excellent apps that can help you understand the Bible, remember to pray, or test your knowledge, depending on what you need in a Bible study app.

8 Bible Study Apps to Remember All the Important Facts

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1. The Study Bible App

One of the best Bible study apps you could download is The Study Bible App because it provides over 140 illustrations, timelines, charts, and maps to boost comprehension. The app also features 25,000 explanatory notes with almost every passage having a note. All of the explanatory notes come from internationally renown pastor and author John F. MacArthur.

Additional features of The Study Bible App include the ability to take notes on verses, night mode, highlighting, comprehensive outlines on key doctrines, articles on biblical and theological issues, and sermons you can listen to.

2. The Olive Tree Bible App

If you’ve ever wanted to read certain sections of the Bible that relate to a specific topic, then you’ll like this app. The Olive Tree Bible App features reading plans on various topics, such as forgiveness and marriage. On those days when you find it hard to forgive someone, you can just open the app and read a passage on forgiveness. You can browse reading plans based on people in the scripture or books of the Bible too. The Olive Tree Bible App’s daily reading plans can last as short as five days or as long as a year.

3. Bible Quiz 3D-Religious Game

Educational games are a fun way to help material stick. The Bible Quiz 3D-Religious Game is one of those fun Bible study apps. It’s a mixture of trivia and Mario Kart style racing that gives you a small adrenaline rush while testing your knowledge of the Bible. You compete against other players to see who “turns the world into believers” first. The app is free to play and offers in-app purchases for those who want more help, energy, and traps. It’s available on both Android and iOS.

4. Scripture Typer Bible Memory

Are you amazed by Christians who remember a lot of Bible verses? Wish you could quote exact lines from the Bible too? Scripture Typer Bible Memory is a memorization app that helps you do just that. It utilizes flash cards to test your memory. This app also offers a voice recording feature if you want to record yourself saying the scripture instead. The artistic, visual learners can draw illustrations in Scripture Typer Bible Memory to assist in memorizing scripture.

5. And Bible

And Bible is an Android bible study app that has over 40 English Bibles and 29 Bible commentaries to choose from. You can take notes in the app as you read and utilize the split screen feature to look at more than one document at a time. And Bible has Christian books you can read too.

After downloading the app, you will be able to use it while offline, a convenient feature when you don’t have access to WiFi. It also has maps of Bible lands, so you can easily view the places discussed in scripture. Another helpful feature of And Bible is it will read documents out loud for you when you’re unable to read.

6. Prayer Prompter

Studying the Bible isn’t just about memorizing scripture and important facts for those who are Christian. Praying to God is important to seek understanding of what you’re learning and implementing in daily life. Prayer Prompter is a bible app that reminds you to pray and helps you remember who you planned on praying for.

The app has a scripture meditation and prayer folder with over 650 passages that you can use for praying. If there’s a passage that’s not relevant to you, the app offers a delete function. This app is only available for iOS devices.

7. Bible Trivia Quiz

Bible Trivia Quiz tests you not only on how much about the Bible you know, but how well you’re applying it in your life. It’s a unique twist from other apps that only test your ability to memorize facts and scripture. The app has nearly 1,000 trivia questions, all based on scripture.

None of the trivia questions is left to interpretation. When you get a question wrong, the app will show you the Bible passage in which the answer is. Trivia questions pertain to the life of Jesus, salvation, people in the Bible, and moral life. The makers of Bible Trivia Quiz offer a free booklet in the mail on how to study the Bible. Bible Trivia Quiz is available on Android and iOS.

8. Our Daily Bread App

The Our Daily Bread app is the application of a magazine with the same name. This app provides daily readings to inspire you and keep you on track. You can discuss the daily readings with others in the comments. Our Daily Bread enables you to schedule reminders to read the Bible and pray. It’s supported by both Android and iOS devices.

The eight Bible study apps listed above can be a perfect complement to your studies or practice. Some of these apps are suitable for both theology students and Christians because of their collection of different Bibles and commentaries. Other apps like Prayer Prompter are geared at Christians or those interested in trying prayer. Whatever your needs may be in a Bible study app, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Did we miss one of your favorite Bible study apps? Find a new app you’re excited to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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