The 5 Best MMO Mouses Out Now

Although game developers have now come up with powerful game consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, PC gaming is still prevalent. You need the right hardware to make the most out of your PC gaming experience. Nothing beats having the best gaming mouse. 

However, you’ll realize that not all gaming mice may be ideal. Some have software and programs to enhance your experience, while others are ordinary and may need manual adjustments. 

In this review, we’ll look at some of the features to look out for when shopping for the best MMO mouse. We also tackle some common FAQs and list some of the top-rated gaming mice to purchase.

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MMO Mouses FAQs

​Here are common questions you may have about MMO mice.

​What is MMO Mouse?

​Why Can’t I use an Ordinary Mouse?

​What Should I Look for in an MMO Mouse?

Before picking our list of the best MMO mice, our team considered factors like weight, ease of use, and the grip style. We understand accuracy is essential in gaming, and that’s why we picked mice with the right macros and software. Previous users have valuable insights, a reason why we went through multiple online sites to learn the pros and cons of each gaming mouse. 

Overall Price Range of MMO Mouses

MMO mice vary in price depending on the features, design, and software. You’ll find some that range from $40, to some that are over $100. 

MMO Mouses Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Mouse

E-sports enthusiasts and hard-core gamers understand the importance of a quality gaming mouse.  However, you’ll notice that there are multiple brands of gaming mice in the market, which can make things more complicated. 

Below is a detailed buyer’s guide with everything you need to know about getting the best MMO mouse.

Type of Sensor

The best gaming mouse should have an optical or laser sensor.  The laser sensor mouse can adapt to different surfaces, while optical ones are selective on the surfaces. Also, laser mice are more accurate, although they are prone to skipping under high acceleration. They are also sensitive to dust.

Optical sensors have a competitive edge over the laser mouse due to track sensitivity. You’ll also come across mice with dual sensor types that give you a higher DPI. 

The Sensitivity of the Mouse

The sensitivity of the mouse can be small, moderated, expanded, or variable. The Index is measured in DPI or dots per inch.  DPI shows you the movement you need to do with the mouse as it records a specific distance on the monitor screen.

A high DPI works better for games that need a quick reaction. Nonetheless, some gamers may find a low DPI more comfortable. If you tend to make multiple moves on the mouse, you should opt for a small DPI. 

Check for Angle Snapping

Angle snapping or mouse prediction is a corrective feature found in gaming mice. You can correct your movements with this feature. However, some prefer not to use it as it can affect your actual movements, as the right gaming mouse should provide accuracy and precision. 

You may decide to get a mouse that allows you to toggle the feature on and off to determine if those is something you’d want to use in the future.

Find out the Polling Rate

The polling rate is the response time of the cursor to the mouse’s action. A high polling rate means the mouse registers an activity often. Hardcore gamers should look for mice with a polling rate of 400-1000 HZ. On the downside, a high polling rate could mean a high battery consumption for wireless mice.

The Software

Every gaming mouse has a software program that enables you to optimize various performance aspects like controlling the RGB lighting system or saving gaming profiles.  Some companies consider this and will have an intuitive interface that makes it easier for you to control what your mouse can do. Popular brands like SteelSeries, Razer, and Logitech have advanced software that adds to your mouse’s performance. 

Look at the Gripping Style and Shape

You’ll come across the fingertip, claw, and palm grip styles. While some mice work with any grip, you’ll realize that most of them only work with one or two gripping methods. As a claw gripper, you’ll find a small mouse with high sensitivity more comfortable. However, if you’re a palm gripper, a large mouse that’s adjustable at low DPI will work better.

The fingertip gripping style allows you to control the mouse with your fingertips, something that some gamers may find uncomfortable after long gaming marathons. Nonetheless, this style enables rapid input and motion in games, 

It’s essential to find a mouse with your preferred shape. You should use it for hours on end without experiencing fatigue. 

Decide whether you need a Wired or Wireless Mouse

The choice between wired and wireless comes down to personal preference. While some gamers would instead work in a clutter-free space, other players wouldn’t want the battery running out in the middle of the game. 

Moreover, some gamers find wireless bulky. There are concerns about lagging issues with the wireless mouse. 

The best thing is that manufacturers have addressed the above issues. You can now find gaming mice that work in both wired and wireless mode. These mice have a detachable USB that allows you to explore both worlds. 

Availability of Customization Options

Your gaming mice should have plenty of customization options. You need to decide if you need a mouse that comes with onboard memory, or you’ll be comfortable saving your settings in the cloud for the settings saving, 

On-board memory ensures that you have your settings readily available once you hook the mouse to your PC.  For the cloud saving, you need to download the mouse software and log in to your cloud account to access the settings. 

The best MMO mouse should also have programmable buttons that allow you to save game profiles, assign specific functions to each button, and adjust the DPQ. It should enable you to assign macros and load the saved settings with a click of a button. 


Although it’s not a critical consideration, some people prefer a sleek-looking mouse. If you’re considering aesthetics, you can opt for a wireless mouse as it creates a clean look, unlike the wired peripherals. 

Top 5 MMO Mouses out Now

If you’re in the marketing for an MMO gaming mice, below are some top picks.

Logitech G600

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Product Overview

With over 1000 positive reviews online, Logitech G600 stands out as one of the best MMO gaming mouse. It comes with twenty programmable buttons on the side. The buttons are easy and quick to access.

What’s more, you can customize the buttons as you wish. Some options include functions, macros, RGB lighting, and more. You’ll love the design of this mouse, which is minimal, yet stylish. Moreover, it has an ergonomic shape, something that makes it comfortable to use.  The sculpted buttons reduce fatigue, although you won’t find a mechanical keyboard.

The G600 boasts of preciseness and accuracy. Most users love how the mouse works on almost any surface, thanks to its polytetrafluorethylene material. Find three profile settings that allow you to customize the color modes and access the mouse buttons.  Gain access to more sculpting abilities and intricate macros with the optional Logitech gaming software. 

Unfortunately, you can’t use this mouse with a USB hub. 


  • ​G-shift ring-finger button
  • ​20 MMO-tuned buttons
  • ​Total personalization
  • ​Sculpted shape and tuned buttons
  • ​Compatible with Windows7, 8, and Vista


  • ​Has adjustable DPI levels
  • ​Comes with 20 MMO-tuned buttons
  • ​Provides customizable RGB lighting effects
  • ​The G-shift button doubles the number of actions
  • ​Storage three gaming profiles
  • ​Offers value for money


  • ​Not suitable for left-handed people
  • ​Doesn’t use a USB hub

Razer Naga Chroma

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Product Overview

Razer has built a reputation as being one of the companies with quality computer peripheral, and the Chroma is proof. One thing that stands out with the Chroma is its unique shape that fits in your hand well.

Find the Razer logo on the side buttons, the top, and the scroll-wheel. All these areas are RGB-lit, which is quite impressive. You can customize the lighting through the Razer software.  Use the thumb to access the side button comfortably.

The buttons are programmable, and you can adjust them through the software. Previous users loved the tilt-functionality of the scroll-wheel. You can use the buttons under the scroll-wheel as CPI-changer by default. 

Moreover, you won’t experience any dragging as the cable has a smooth coating to prevent this problem. Razer goes ahead to include a 5G laser sensor that comes with a 16,000 CPI.  Nonetheless, some users may find the overall design bulky. A few users have a problem with the in-device synchronization. 


  • ​19 MMO optimized programmable buttons
  • ​In-game MMO configurator
  • ​Wireless gaming-grade technology
  • ​Tilt-click scroll wheel


  • ​​Has a 16,000 DPI sensor
  • ​​Multiple color options
  • ​​Simple to program
  • ​​Comes with an ergonomic shape and design
  • ​​1ms response rate
  • ​Many customizable features


  • ​May not be ideal for people with small hands
  • ​Costly
  • ​Some buttons may be difficult to access

Corsair Scimitar Pro

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Product Overview

The Corsair Scimitar Pro boasts of a key slider system that enables users to change the position of the buttons. You can even lock the buttons in place. The textured keycaps on the side buttons help to improve precision and grip. 

Find twelve side buttons that you can program with timer countdowns, DPI matrices, custom macros, and more.  You can tune the mouse, and change the settings if you wish. The Scimitar Pro has a comfortable grip and is ideal for those looking for a claw grip style of a mouse. 

On the downside, the price is high, unlike other gaming mice. Although the Scimitar works well for MMO, it won’t be ideal for RTSs, FPSs, or MOBAs. 


  • ​12 optimized mechanical side buttons
  • ​Exclusive key Slider macro button
  • ​Gaming grade 16000 DPI optical sensor
  • ​On-board storage with hardware macro playback
  • ​The patent-pending design
  • ​Key slider system


  • ​Has customizable onboard profiles
  • ​Adjustable lift distance to tune the Scimitar
  • ​Backlit grid buttons
  • ​Professional aesthetic and LED side illumination
  • ​Adjustable sensor with DPI increments


  • ​Has customizable onboard profiles
  • ​Can be bulky for some gamers
  • ​The buttons may be too close
  • ​Beginners may find it challenging to program the software

UtechSmart Venus Laser MMO Gaming Mouse

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Product Overview

If you’re looking for the ultimate control for all your games, you should get the UtechSmart Venus MMO mouse. The mouse gives you endless quick action moves, and an adjustable DPI to master all the games. 

The Venus Laser has five on-board gaming profiles, with each coming up with customized color. The mouse not only works for MMO and MOBA games, but it also works for FPS and RTGs, making it perfect for all-round gaming.  The claw grip design utilizes minimal buttons, and the keys have 30g acceleration. 

You’ll love how highly sensitive the mouse is, something that allows you to make the right moves quickly. Find a laser sensor on the mouse, which increases accuracy.  Customize the settings to your gaming preferences.


  • ​18 programmable mouse buttons
  • ​Ergonomic right-handed design
  • ​Unique setting switch button
  • ​Durable, smooth Teflon feet pads


  • ​Comes with 18 programmable buttons
  • ​has five color modes
  • ​Provides customizable settings
  • ​Comfortable rubber painted grip
  • ​Adjustable DPI


  • ​Learning how to use the software may be challenging

Redragon M901

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Product Overview

Redragon M901 is one of the best gaming mice that gets you value for money. Apart from its various color options, the M901 has 18 programmable buttons and multiple LED color options. It has a max DPI of 16,000, and have an Avago laser sensor.

Find six buttons across the body and twelve on the body. Most users love the mouse’s eight-part tuning set that allows you to adjust the weight. Furthermore, it’s simple to use, something that makes it ideal for gaming beginners. 


  • ​Wired gaming mouse
  • ​LED RGB backlight gaming mouse
  • ​Ergonomic design


  • ​Comfortable palm grip
  • ​Provides value for money


  • ​Lacks advanced software


Overall, the Logitech G600 is one of the most budget-friendly and high-performing MMO mice. It comes with fantastic features for its reasonable price. The 20 buttons make everything accessible, and the side buttons provide excellent tactile feedback.  However, if you’re looking for something more advanced, you should get the Razer Naga Chroma that has wireless gaming-grade technology and plenty of.

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