The Future of Drones: Will Machine Power Replace Manpower?

The future of drones shows great prospect that will change the world for good.

Since the technology that makes drones possible has advanced so much in recent years, the future of drones is on everyone's minds. Drones are no longer a question of "what if," but of "when and how." In existence since the first World War, drone "pilots" used catapults to launch early models into the air to accomplish specific tasks. However, given the rate of failure of those early models, it is likely that no one from that era would have … [Read more...]

Irulu: The New Revolution in Cost-Effective Technology


Are you looking for an affordable tech gadget? The Ohio-based company Irulu may be able to help you out. Irulu specializes in bringing cost friendly gadgets to the market. The company makes everything from phones to tablets and even home projectors. Amazingly, Irulu manufactures almost everything that you could want. Find out more about Irulu below. A Brief History of Irulu The company came into being in 2010 as a subsidiary of the USA111 Inc. … [Read more...]

Linux: The Open Source Miracle in Operating Systems

linux operating system

If you are a tech nerd like me, you have probably used Linux at some point. If not, you should read on to find out what you are missing! What Is Linux? Linux is an open-source operating system built on the Linux kernel. The code of the operating system is available online for free. Moreover, anyone can modify the to according to their choice and redistribute the software. particular. Since its release, Linux has become the most used operating … [Read more...]