Tom Clancy’s The Division Game (P)Review

Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division game is one of the most anticipated releases of 2016 – it has seen two E3 events, three Ubisoft conferences, and still our curiosity hasn’t been satisfied.  The Xbox One beta will start this December, and PlayStation 4 and PC gamers will have the chance of participating in the beta in early 2016. You can sign-up right nowThose of you who have pre-ordered the game will automatically be on the list of eligible beta testers.

The Division is considered to be the best online game of 2016 – a feat that isn’t that easy to accomplish considering the fact that No Man’s Sky is going to be released at the end of 2015, and developer Hello Games is hinting at a multiplayer addition.

Tom Clancy's The Division

The open-world, cooperative action-RPG, is set in New York, which is plagued by a virus that killed almost all human life on Earth. There are plenty of humans left, but not enough- they either die of starvation, or at the hands of their brethren. It’s a dog eat dog world.

The Division is mainly a multiplayer game, but it also has a plot worthy of a blockbuster movie. Did you know that The Division’s universe revolves around a government simulation? In 2001 the US government had a simulation taken place called Dark Winter which involved a smallpox attack on the city of New York. In 14 days everything collapsed – law enforcement crumbled under its own weight.

Tom Clancy's The Division

The game will revolve around the fact that there are The Division agents on the ground who try to help citizens survive the ordeal. The game will follow the simulation, and it seems like it’s going further – at the moment, we know that the virus attack from an unknown enemy was dispersed via banknotes at a Black Friday shopping holiday, and that it has gone world-wide.

The virus is still present in some places called  Dark Zones – where players can find loot! Virus contaminated loot, and the only way you can claim it, and at the same time cleanse, it is to reach a marked off extraction point in the dark zone. This loot can’t be obtained that easily, and you will need to fight off personal that wields flamethrowers. These sanitation workers are kinda’ the good guys, and they want to eliminate the threat once and for all – they are super-powerful, so getting inside a dark zone is really tough. Coming out alive is harder!

Tom Clancy's The Division

You can use sentries, and drones to fight-off enemies.

Besides sanitation workers, you got another threat: escaped convicts. Nobody cares about prisoners when the whole world is dying. Prisoners from Rikers Island have formed their own gangs, and they are patrolling the dying city to either steal, or murder anything that stands in their way.

And the last threat, that we know so far, consists of you – the player.

While roaming the city, you will most definitely encounter other players – you don’t know if they are friendly, or just psychopaths with a keyboard and mouse in their arsenals. The thing is, even your team mates can be dangerous so watch out! Friendly fire is definitely on, and you might kill one of your team members by accident starting a grudge that will last for eternity!

The Division gameplay stays true to the Tom Clancy series, and adds the great cover mechanics of Watch Dogs.

The Division – Teamwork is crucial, but you can always back stab!

Tom Clancy's The Division

Are you prepared to betray your team?

Thinking of ways to tilt the fight in your favour is crucial to the game. Thinking of ways how the enemy can shift the outcome to their likeness might be harder to anticipate, but if you get it right, you’ll bathe in treasure – most likely medical kits, ammo, and weapons.

The environment can either help you, or ruin you. The third person shooter The Division relies on strategy, and if you just stay put, you’ll be outflanked, and die. The enemy can attack you from behind, from high ground, from advantageous positions, so constantly moving is key to successfully winning a fight.

Don’t forget, it’s a third person shooter with RPG elements, and enemies will be ammo sponges – it will take a lot more than just an impressive shot to the head to kill them.

Attacking your team members in these Dark Zones will automatically make you a rogue player. Rogue players are fair game to everyone in the dark zone, meaning that you’ll most likely die if you become one. The game doesn’t take into account if you accidentally shoot someone, so keep in mind if you have a happy trigger finger. At the current moment, it is unknown what are the repercussions for being a rogue – a system that will entail you are not to be trusted will most likely be in place, but details haven’t been announced yet.

Tom Clancy's The Division

The Division will include single-player, but it is, again, unknown what will it consist of.

“ It’s important to note that The Division is fully playable solo. So you lonely types, go on… play it as you like. But for the rest of us, The Division promises a rich, varied and seamless multiplayer experience that includes co–operative tactical action, factional conflicts, and full–on player–vs–player (PvP).”, notes a Ubisoft spokesperson.

But what’s the main goal of the game? What are you supposed to do? Because just searching for loot, and killing those who stand in your way may become really boring, really fast.

Ubisoft says that the main goal is to try to fix up New York City. As we’ve seen in game footage at this year’s E3, players can cap landmarks, and buildings like in Far Cry. Once under your control, they become your base of operations – growing your influence throughout the city. Something like a guild system will most likely be in place.

Tom Clancy's The Division

The Division will offer players a huge arsenal to choose from, but the most importation addition to the game are sentries, and drones. Overwatch has been said countless times over to be a key strategy in the game. Amongst sentries, and drones, you’ll have a wide array of grenades, sub-machine guns, machine guns, and plain old guns at your disposal.

Considering it’s a Tom Clancy game, and it’s Ubisoft we’re talking about, you’ll be able to customize your weapons as your heart desires.

Take a look The Division trailer just down below.

Also, take a look at what these Dark Zones entail.

After watching the Dark Zone multiplayer trailer, Reservoir Dogs comes to mind!

The Division Release Date: March 8th 2016.

The Division will be released for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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