Zoosk App Review: Features, Pros and Cons

about the Zoosk app

Zoosk is one of the most famous dating services on the market. In the USA, it has ranked among the top 5 dating apps for a long time. The service was created back in 2007 as a Facebook application. It has since grown to accommodate millions of users from various parts of the world and has been featured in respectable magazines. In this Zoosk app review, we will cover all the important aspects of the service. All its advantages and … [Read more...]

10 Best Printer Apps for Android Devices

PrinterOn, one of the best printer apps for Android

Long gone is the time when a hardwired printer and desktop computer are needed to print documents. Now, with a reliable WiFi connection and an Android device, you can print items instantly. Whether you have a tablet or mobile device, several applications allow you to print your favorite photos and documents instantly and easily. These ten options below are the best printer apps for Android available for free in the Google Play Store. 1. Canon … [Read more...]

Best Face Distortion Apps for Android: Let’s Warp It Up

Animal Face Photo editing app

Whether you are using a mobile device, a tablet with photo capabilities, or a computer, there are endless face distortion apps available to chose from. These apps are fun to use and let you personalize photos, make faces comical, and add entertaining touches to your photo collection. There are several face distortion apps available on the Android play store, but the following ten are some of the best apps available to warp your photos … [Read more...]

Top 8 Most Useful iPhone Apps You Should Try Today

Mint budget app

Smartphone users are no strangers to the wide reach of today’s app market. With countless apps available for nearly any topic imaginable — entertainment, productivity, education, health, and so much more — you will most definitely have more than a few options to choose from. Since the number of apps out there can make things a bit overwhelming, we’re here to set you on the right track. Check out our list below for a handful of some of the most … [Read more...]

The Waze App Reviewed: All You Need to Know about the Traffic App

Using Waze app while driving.

Winner of Best Overall App at the 2013 Mobile World Congress, Waze is one of the best travel apps. It was developed by the Israeli company Waze Mobile but later bought by Google. Google keeps the app updated with the most recent update occurring in April 2017. This travel app provides real-time directions for the best travel route based on reports from fellow drivers. As you drive with the app open, it records important data to help calculate … [Read more...]

The Zedge App Review You Need Before Installing It

Three Zedge app screenshots

Why have users taken such a liking to the popular Zedge app? For one thing, you have a handy variety of ringtones, wallpapers, icons, themes and total customization in the palm of your hands. You can browse and scan through the themes and categories as needed. Navigation of this app takes little understanding as everything has been laid out in a clear-cut fashion. Worry less about whether a wallpaper looks good. Other wallpaper apps might send … [Read more...]

Top 7 Navigation Apps Free to Use for Your Phone

car equipped with a navigation app

Standalone GPS products have held public esteem over the years, but more and more people have turned to their smartphones for navigation apps free to use for smartphones. Today, these apps have increased in sophistication. They boast accurate maps, voice-prompted directions, and safety camera alerts. After a test of the multiple options you can use freely, we found several good choices for Android and iOS devices. Here are the best navigation … [Read more...]

Top 8 Root Apps: Best Options for Rooting Your Phone

Adblock Plus app that removes advertisements from Android devices

Even with an Android phone, one of the most customizable phones out there, you may have the mistaken belief you don't need root apps. However, rooting your phone gives you excellent functionality and access to a new genre of apps. Along with those benefits, you can unlock hidden features and install carrier-blocked apps. When you root your phone, you can also delete the annoying software on your phone that drains battery life and often comes … [Read more...]

7 Cool Apps You Never Knew You Needed Until Today

Evernote organizing app

Our mobile devices are now a part of our lives like never before. We use them to conduct mobile banking, play games, connect with friends, and much more. With cool apps, you can do these activities more efficiently and expand your device’s functionality. This article is going to cover some of the top cool apps available for download today. These apps will fall in a variety of categories and are sure to delight you with their performance. Without … [Read more...]

10 Awesome Karaoke App Options For an Entertaining Night

group of people singing karaoke

Mobile devices are great for a variety of things ranging from simple phone calls to managing advanced financial transactions. For lovers of karaoke, there are now multiple apps available that turn your device into your very own karaoke machine. This article is going to detail ten of the best karaoke app options that you can download for your Android and iOS devices. Choose Your Karaoke App - Top 10 Picks 1. Yokee Yokee is available for both … [Read more...]