Top 10 Free Dating Apps Worth Installing

Everyone’s looking for love but not everyone has the self-confidence to date physically. Not right away, anyway. As a result, online dating was born, helping nervous nellies not only find love but create a whole social media environment around it. Assuming you might have a harder time finding love at your local bar, you’re trying to find the perfect love app. Well, you’re in luck; we’re going to go over the best 10 free dating apps you need to have on your phone. Let’s dive right in!

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10 Free Dating Apps You Need to Download

1. Tinder

Most popular among younger folks, Tinder is one of the most downloaded apps. It is available in over 190 countries and matches more than 26 million people every day. If you think that’s impressive, it’s also completely free! The app is super simple to use, too. Just open the app and swipe left or right based on whom you might be attracted to. No harm, no foul.

2. Bumble

Bumble is similar to Tinder since it matches people based on their close proximity to each other. However, the unique difference is that it promotes more communication between the couples versus just swiping left or right. In order to start a chat, a female must engage first, since guys have a bad rep with messaging women on social media. Once the first message goes through and the male messages back, it’s considered a match. If the male doesn’t message back at all, the couple is not considered matched and the messages disappear.

3. OkCupid

One of the oldest dating apps on the market is OkCupid. It works based off a test you take to match lovers together. What does the test have to do with matchmaking? The test is actually an algorithm to match people with similar interests together, creating the “perfect couples.” Find friendship or find the one, all on this easy-to-use app.

4. Plenty of Fish

Based off the common saying, “There are plenty of fish in the sea,” Plenty Of Fish is another great free dating app that matches people based off an algorithm test. Matching happy couples together every day, POF has nearly 90 million users. It is quickly climbing, making it a very popular option. Not only a great service for casual dates, but hundreds of thousands of POF users are now in a committed, long-term relationship.

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5. Grindr

Grindr is known as one of the world’s biggest gay free dating apps and has members in over 180 countries. It matches bisexual and gay men based on location. Then, you can chat, browse profiles, and schedule a time and place meet-up. Amidst the popularity of Tinder and POF, Grindr is also one of the most popular free dating apps for download.

6. HitWe

HitWe is a one of the fastest growing apps that is perfect for those looking for love or just looking for friendship. This app functions similarly to a social media app. This app has almost 12 million active monthly users, so you will never run out of new people to meet. It is also one of the top dating apps in over 70 countries. No matter where you are or who you are, HitWe will help you to “meet real people for free.”

7. Zoosk

Zoosk was one of the first free dating apps to be created and it is still one of the best. This app makes signing up easy as it is fully integrated with Google+ and Facebook. Zoosk, as a company, is at the top of their game. Plus, there is a reason why they have been around for so long. Why not give it a shot? Who knows, you just may end up finding the one!

8. Match

You surely have heard of before, but did you know that they also have a free app? The service is free to join. You can also create your profile, upload pictures, and peruse other singles in your area, all without paying a penny. This website has millions of users, both men and women, and the highest success rates out of every dating website. Whether you are looking for something casual or longer lasting, you have a great chance of meeting the right person.


LOVOO is a great free dating app to consider for meeting attractive singles. This app has gone through numerous updates in recent years and it is now better than ever. You can choose what you are looking for, a casual relationship, long-term love, or just friendships. This app is very popular in Europe. If that is where you are located or if you are planning a trip, this app is ideal for meeting up with attractive singles in your vicinity. Who knows what may happen!

10. Down

Down is perhaps the most honest of all the free dating apps on the market. Formerly named Bang With Friends, this is a popular hookup app, which also functions as a dating app. Down makes privacy and safety their top priority. Even though you have to sign up through Facebook, everything is anonymous until both parties decide they want to get a date with each other. This app has over four million independent users who are all having fun and falling in love.

There are more than enough dating apps to choose from. Whether you prefer swiping left or right or sending intimate messages, you have more than a few to choose from. Don’t forget to constantly update your profile with fresh information you, no one likes a catfish! Have you found the one on any of these free dating apps? Feel free to let us know your dating app stories or if any of these apps helped find your true love!