7 Emerging Technologies in Education for Teaching and Learning

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Education is often seen as a one way process. Teachers have knowledge and pass it on to students. But there’s a continual exchange of information and new technologies in play within the field of education. Teachers provide feedback to researchers and in turn they’re able to provide a variety of new tools. But as with any other technologies, some show vastly more promise than others. There are seven emerging technologies in education which are … [Read more...]

7 Emerging Technologies in Healthcare that You Need to Read About

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Walk into any hospital and the link between medicine and technology will become clear. The amount of high tech machinery can make people feel like they’ve stepped into a sci-fi story. But most of these technologies have already been tested and perfected over the years. Many of the latest technological breakthroughs have amazing implications for the future of medicine. Some are currently being perfected and others are awaiting proper integration. … [Read more...]

10 Emerging Trends in Information Technology We Can All Benefit From

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The latest advances in information technology, or the study, development, implementation, and support of computer-based information systems, keeps electronic devices and machinery fun and interesting, and in most cases, even makes certain tasks easier, changing the way we interact with each other and conduct business. In fact, advances in technology are being made everyday in an effort to improve both our everyday lives as well as our business … [Read more...]

Neural Network Definition, Examples, and Deep Learning

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Understanding what a neural network is can often be a very difficult process. This article is going to define what a neural network is and how they are built. We are also going to explore some of the latest breakthroughs that relate to them. What Is a Neural Network? A neural network is a cluster of information processing units that are designed to work in tandem to emulate the way biological nervous systems process information. These … [Read more...]

What Is Chromebook and Why Should You Buy One

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Maybe you’ve heard or not the word Chromebook being thrown around in tech circles, but what is Chromebook? Many of you might have already guessed the connection with the web browser Google Chrome. A Chromebook is a laptop, but a different kind of laptop. It is low-cost, it runs on Chrome OS – a Google-based operating system – and it is mainly designed to run while connected to the Internet. The reason behind this is that most of its data and apps … [Read more...]

Top 5 Best Drone Companies in 2017

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The battle for the first five drone companies is held by two French firms, two Chinese brands, and one American manufacturer. The following article will highlight these five companies and their flagship models. A drone is now a way to have fun while handling a small aerial vehicle. Many of these devices come equipped with both standard and additional modern features such as HD cameras and integrated GPS systems. These five companies we … [Read more...]

Best Drones to Consider in 2016

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Drones can be used as military tools, for movie making, and even as toys. The best drones have a wide range of features such as built-in cameras, modern and complex remote controls, great flying accuracy, easy handling, and more. Drones are more like small flying robots or tiny aircraft that can be controlled from far or even fly autonomously through a pre-programming process. When they first were created, they were associated with … [Read more...]

5 Exciting Google Projects to Look Forward To

"5 Exciting Google Projects To Look Forward To"

Imagining how the future may look like is much easier with these promising Google projects. From the very start, Google has placed great emphasis on innovation. And with the birth of the very first universal deep web search engine, Google has managed to prove once and for all that only our imagination is the limit. Some of the projects proposed by Google were indeed promising for the start. The good news is some of them have materialized, like … [Read more...]

What Can You Expect from the New PlayStation 4K?

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With the new PlayStation just around the corner, fans have begun to wonder if this is real life or is it just fantasy. According to Sony, the project is still on the table, and all the rumors out there point to the fact that the console should hit the market somewhere around Christmas. So, what can we expect from the new PlayStation console? What’s PlayStation 4K? According to tech reviewer Kotaku, the name of the new PlayStation console … [Read more...]

Electric Vehicles and Their Impact on Our Future

"Electric Vehicles and Their Impact on Our Future"

Over the last couple of years, electric vehicles have begun to gain a lot of popularity over the most traditional vehicles powered by the 100-year-old internal combustion engine. With Musk and Tesla on the verge of launching the X model, the stage is set for another kind show, featuring zero-emission vehicles. In this article, we are going to show you why electric vehicles are considered the future of the automotive industry and when it’s time … [Read more...]