8 Best Quality Record Players You Can Buy in 2018

Record players have an air of the past about them. But this doesn’t mean that they’re a thing of the past. Over time record players have become a specialty device. Manufacturers have had to target music experts for their newest models.

This modern touch makes new record players remarkably high-tech. In the following article we’ll examine the best quality record players. We’ll judge items on cost, quality, usability and availability.

8. Fluance RT81

Fluance RT81, one of the best quality record players

The Fluance RT81 is most certainly among the best of the best. It ranks highly when considering most important points of the best quality record players. The RT81 offers a superb level of audio quality. And the phono preamp is already set up right from the start.
However, it might be a little too simple for some users.

It’s an ideal choice for people just getting started. But the lack of advanced options can be jarring for more advanced enthusiasts. For example, it lacks USB support. And the auto-off feature turns off the platter rather than autoreturning. Whether those are benefits or detriments often comes down to one’s level of experience.

7. Rega Planar 1

Rega Planar 1 record player

The Rega Planar 1 offers a solid middle ground in the audio world. It’s one of the best quality record players for people just starting out. The Rega Planar 1 supports the standard choices of 33 and 45 RPM playback.

A 23mm high mass platter works in tandem with specially designed feet. By working together these components reduce vibration. This, in turn, helps eliminate noise contamination.

The noise reduction is further improved thanks to an aluminum pulley motor. It’s a surprisingly powerful motor system for a mid-tier model player. The Planar 1 also offers users a chance to upgrade with an additional performance pack. The pack will upgrade both drive belt and magnetic cartridge.

By itself the Planar 1 is a solid entry point. It offers more advanced features without added complexity. But the highlight comes from the performance pack upgrade. This gives people a chance to start out with a more simplified setup. If their needs change they’ll be able to upgrade rather than buy a new player.

6. Denon DP-300F

Denon DP-300F record player

The Denon DP-300F ranks among the best quality record players for different types of users. Sound quality is in large part defined by a DSN-85 cartridge. It’s solidly mid-range, and can provide people with a simplified experience.

It also offers true automatic listening. The DP-300F won’t simply turn itself off. Instead, it can actually reset positions as needed at the end of an album. All of this makes it an ideal player for people testing the water.

5. Lenco L-3808

Lenco L-3808 quality record player

The Lenco L-3808 ranks among the best quality record players that many have never heard of. It’s an inexpensive player which boasts surprisingly solid sound quality. This is all due to a direct drive motor.

The direct drive motor tackles many issues with lower budget players. For example, it compensates for the overly loud bass which impacts many similarly priced players. It also supports external phono amplifiers for those who want to build upon the 3808’s design.

4. Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable

Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable

The Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable ranks among the best quality record players for people who value visual design. The stylish design features rounded elements which lend an artistic touch. But the design also serves to minimize audio distortion due to movement.

The circular design provides a higher than average weight which stabilizes the player. This ensures one can smoothly switch between 33 and 45 RPM playback. It also offers a choice for USB sound output. If one doesn’t need USB output than it should offer additional savings.

3. Audio-Technica AT-LP60

AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

The Audio-Technica AT-LP60 ranks among the best quality record players for people who want a modern touch. Its most notable example comes from bluetooth support. One can easily pair an AT-LP60 with wireless speakers. People can even use bluetooth earbuds to ensure music remains a personal experience.

Its 18x6x16 form factor comfortably supports both seven and twelve inch records. And even with these features it’s notable as one of the more affordable options. This makes it a perfect choice for people who want to combine the analog and digital experience.

2. U-Turn Orbit Plus

Orbit Plus Turntable Record Player

The U-Turn Orbit Plus might rank higher or lower depending on one’s background. It’s one of the most powerful players available. But this isn’t always a good thing. The build quality is modern. But usage is more similar to what people might expect in the 80s.

For example, there’s no USB support. And it offers almost nothing in the way of automation. But what it does provide is authentic sound quality.

It has a 33/45 RPM belt drive which is quite similar to vintage builds. The RCA cables remove any need for digital conversions. And the platter operates quietly enough that one will never even notice it.

It’s a player that’s best matched with people who have experience with record players. People accustomed to the platform will appreciate its authenticity.

1. Audio-Technica AT-LP120

AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP120 offers a classic analog feel with real weight and heft. A die-cast aluminum casing provides a nostalgic elegance. But modern digital devices are also supported through USB output.

Finally, it’s able to support 33 1/2,45 and 78 RPM. One can be certain that it can play almost anything. And with USB support one can even convert output to digital formats. It’s a player that’s simple enough for newcomers. But at the same time it can scale to meet expert demands. And all of this comes at a quite reasonable price.

Summing Up

In conclusion one can see that the various options offer a tremendous amount of variety. The choice of which player to go with will often come down to a desired experience. Some people want to finely tune their record players. Others want to simply focus on the music itself.

That’s why discussing one’s experiences with these players can be so helpful. Talking about one’s own experiences can help other people match their own tastes to a record player.