8 Best iPads for Kids for Games, Learning Apps, and More

Portable technology isn’t an optional part of life anymore. It’s rapidly gone from novelty to necessity. As such, it’s important for kids to get proper exposure to these devices. But at the same time they can be rather expensive.

And any parent knows how quickly kids can destroy fragile items. As such the first iPad for a child is a difficult decision. But we’ll examine some of the best options. We’ll use price as the main metric, but also screen size and overall hardware quality.

8. 9.7 inch iPad Pro (1st Generation)

9.7 inch iPad Pro, best iPad for kids

The 9.7 inch iPad Pro ranks a bit lower on the list due to price. But that price does have benefits. It features True Tone and works better in sunlight than most models. This makes it a perfect way to help children enjoy some fresh air.

It’s also a nice touch for older children in particular. The support for Apple Pencil isn’t very important for younger children. But it fosters an artistic spirit in older kids who might want to start taking a serious approach.

Again, the price is the deciding factor. It’s a solid device with a nice 9.7 inch form factor for smaller hands. But it’s also rather expensive.

Main Features

  • CPU: 2.16 GHz x2.
  • Screen: 9.7″.
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • Storage: 32 to 256 GB.
  • Cost: $329 to $559.

7. iPad Mini 4 (4th Generation Mini)

iPad Mini 4th generation

The iPad Mini 4 also ranks somewhat lower due to cost. And because the hardware might not appeal to every child. It ranks among best iPad for kids who need the smallest form factor.

Despite the cost it features one of the smaller screens. The price is due to how much power it packs into such a small package. But this also limits overall appeal.

This iPad is best matched for smaller children who are still careful with their toys. Most younger children throw their electronics around. But it’s a perfect match for children who are small but who still treat electronics with care.

Main Features


  • CPU: 1.5 GHz x3.
  • Screen: 7.9″.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Storage: 16GB to 128 GB.
  • Cost: $353.

6. iPad Air 2 (6th Generation)

iPad Air 2 64GB Gold

Once again, an iPad model ends up placed lower due to price. But it’s also another case where one should rank it higher for kids who are careful with their electronics.

The iPad Air 2 is among the best iPad for kids who need more processing power. It has three rather than two processors. The end result is a device which is capable of doing far more without slowing down. Its additional ram also fits into this usage model.

All of this tends to make it one of the best iPad for kids on the older side of things. Or for young kids who are as careful as older peers.

Main Features


  • CPU: 1.5 GHz x3.
  • Screen: 9.7″.
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • Storage: 16 GB to 128 GB.
  • Cost: $370.

5. The iPad Mini 3 (3rd Generation Mini)

iPad Mini 3rd Generation

The iPad Mini 3’s biggest difference comes from a fingerprint scanner. This might not seem like a differentiating feature at first. But it’s one of best iPad for kids simply because of that functionality.

It’s not so much about kids unlocking the tablet. But instead the scanner allows for a greater level of sandboxing. Parents have a lot more control over the device. And more control means being able to finetune the user experience for kids.

Other than that it’s a fairly standard iPad build. If sandboxing items through the fingerprint scanner is important than this might be the way to go. But otherwise one is just increasing the cost of a fairly fragile item.

Main Features


  • CPU: 1.4 GHz.
  • Screen: 7.9″.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Storage: 16 to 128 GB.
  • Cost: $368.

4. The iPad Mini 2 (2nd Generation Mini)

iPad Mini 2nd generation

The iPad Mini 2 is where price points begin to fall. This is where items become the best iPad for kids due to lower overall cost.

The iPad Mini 2 isn’t at an amazingly low price point yet. It’s also the first modern iPad which sticks to just the fundamentals.

The somewhat bare bones nature of the iPad Mini 2 instead highlights key areas. The device is small enough for tiny hands. It’s also inexpensive enough to make damage less significant. And it’s powerful enough to hold up to demand.

Main Features


  • CPU: 1.4 GHz x2.
  • Screen: 7.9″.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Storage: 16 to 128 GB.
  • Cost: $314 new $209 refurbished.

3. The iPad (2017)

iPad 2017

A fairly new iPad might not seem like a contender among the best iPad for kids. But this model took a new look at where iPads were going. It uses the latest tech to rethink some basic approaches.

The end result is an iPad that fits some surprising power into a small form factor. It’s not cutting edge in terms of raw processing power. But it’s not trying to be. Instead it hits a middle of the road approach to almost everything.

And that middle of the road approach includes price. Despite being a newer model it’s also among the least expensive on the list.

Main Features


  • CPU: 1.85 Ghz x2.
  • Screen:.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Storage: 32 to 128 GB.
  • Cost: $300.

2. iPad (4th Generation)

iPad 4th Generation

The 4th generation iPad can be a little more rare. But when found, it’s very close to the absolute idea in a kid’s tablet. The biggest factor is price.

At a little more than two hundred dollars it’s a shockingly good deal. Especially when one considers that the 4th generation iPad featured a big leap in processors. One is essentially getting an upgraded model at lower cost.

A powerful tablet that one doesn’t mind replacing is great for kids. If found one might seriously consider buying a few in case of later damage.

Main Features


  • CPU: 1.4 Ghz x2.
  • Screen: 9.5″.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Storage: 16 to 128 GB.
  • Cost: $216.

1. iPad Mini (1st Generation Mini)

 iPad Mini 1st Generation Mini

The 1st generation iPad mini breaks from the usual formula. For the most part price has been the biggest determining factor. But this mini earns top ranking due to a balance between multiple factors.

The most important balance is with overall size. It’s among the larger of the nine inch form factor designs. This keeps the device at a small enough size for children’s hands. But it adds in just enough extra to give then a bit more to work with.

The price is slightly higher while most of the specs are slightly lower. But the gain in overall screen size makes it the perfect iPad for kids.

Main Features


  • CPU: 1 GHz x2.
  • Screen: 9.7″.
  • RAM: 512.
  • Storage: 16 to 65 GB.
  • Cost: $270.

Summing Up

In conclusion, one can see that price is usually the main factor. The only real exception comes from the number one choice. But that one exception highlights an important point. Any computing device is all about choice.

Different people have different needs for a tablet. And that even extends to children. That’s also why commenting on one’s own experiences is so important. If anyone’s helped their child use these devices than they should bring it up. In doing so other parents can get some advice based on real world experience.