8 Best Cheap Tablets under $100 to Buy in 2018

Tablets are getting cheaper every year. Vendors often mark top of the line models down as new models come into play. This year we’re seeing some incredible deals for shoppers.

But the best cheap tablet options can be hard to sort through. The following list will narrow down options by showcasing the best of the best. We’ll score tablets by features and overall price.

8. Astro Tab A10

Astro Tab A10, best cheap tablet

One of the Astro Tab A10’s more interesting features is a full sized USB port. Any Android phone or tablet should be able to use USB devices. However, USB support is something which needs to be present in both hardware and software.

Android offers software support for USB devices. But most Android devices don’t actually have a full USB port. Instead one usually needs to use adapters. The Astro Tab A10 ships with full USB support though.

It’s also notable for up to date software. Budget options seldom ship with fully up to date operating systems. But the full Marshmallow Android support ensures it will be useful for quite some time.

7. Nuvision

2016 NuVision 8-inch

The NuVision is a rare example of Windows tablets which can be found at a reasonable price. Windows usually means that costs are going to go up. Operating system licensing usually pushes up price points as well. But the NuVision is one of the best cheap tablet options for people who prefer Microsoft’s style.

It’s one of the more expensive of the cheap tablet options. However, the NuVision is also among the few options for people who want a cheap Windows tablet. At only $72.99 it ranks as quite inexpensive compared to the average.

6. NeuTab

NeuTab 7'' Quad Core

The NeuTab ranks among the best cheap tablet options in large part due to the price. All of the options come at a fairly low overall cost. But the NeuTab is among the most affordable of all the best cheap tablet options.

As one might expect, the specs aren’t anything too amazing. The tablet runs Android 4.4, which is rather behind the state of the art. But a price tag of $47.99 and a seven inch screen make up for the older operating system.

5. RCA Galileo Pro

 2016 Premium High Performance RCA Galileo Pro

The Galaxy Galileo lags behind the other best cheap tablet options in terms of raw specs. A 1.3 GHZ processor places the tablet more in the range of mid-tier phones. What places the Galaxy Galileo into consider is a very rare feature for tablets. The Galileo supports a full hardware connected keyboard.

One can simply take a compatible keyboard and plug it in. The vast majority of other tablets only support bluetooth keyboards. Bluetooth keyboards are certainly a good option. However, hardware connections provide vastly reduced latency.

Additionally there’s lowered considerations for battery requirements with hardware based keyboards. The Android operating system’s mouse support works with the hardware keyboard as well. Finally, the tablets even ship with a keyboard case.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite

Galaxy Tab E Lite 7.0" 8GB

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite excels in a few areas. First and foremost, the tablet comes from Samsung. People usually rank Samsung among higher quality manufacturers. It’s somewhat surprising for the tablet to show up among the best cheap tablet options. The tablet isn’t simply riding on brand quality though.

The Galaxy Tab E is also impressive for the price. At only $69.99 the Galaxy Tab E offers a high level of quality at a very low price. One can find more powerful candidates for best cheap tablet. But the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite is the only brand item that can be found at this low a price. This makes it an ideal tablet for people who put a lot of stock in Samsung’s quality assurance.

3. Fire Tablet 7

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa

The Fire 7 isn’t the latest and greatest from Amazon. However, it’s remarkably close to the state of the art. Amazon’s still working hard to compete with Google and Apple. As such, they typically price quite high quality tablets at quite inexpensive price points.

The Fire 7 is a great deal on the already quite low priced Fire line. It’s normally priced at $49.99. This already comes in at half the maximum price for cheap tablets. Amazon typically places the Fire line on sale though.

So one can often pick it up for around $30 during holiday periods. It’s not the state of the art by any means. But an eight inch screen and 8GB ram is still quite respectable.

2. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

As one might expect, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is only a good deal for parents. But if one has kids, it’s hard to find a better deal than this. The Fire HD 8 is powerful enough to be a fairly good tablet for adults. At $99.99 there’s still some better options though.

But the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition excels as a child friendly option due to sheer durability. The device can stand up to even the most energetic child’s playtime. Despite the Kids Edition’s durability, it has a screen that’s quite amazing. Kids love the tablet’s high quality media playback options.

1. Fire HD 8

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Case

The Fire HD 8 showcases just how much Amazon wants people to try their tablets. Fire’s specs would normally be outside the $79.99 price range. But Amazon gives some great deals to attract people to their tablets. During holidays Amazon sometimes marks it down as low as $49.99.

It boasts an impressive 16GB memory. The eight inch screen is similar to their previous generation. However, the screen’s powered by a better battery. The new battery can deliver up to twelve hours of entertainment on a single charge.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the best low price tablets clearly have a lot to offer. But everyone has different experiences with various options. People should share their experiences with various tablets in order to help people decide among the options.